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We can help employers identify the most qualified applicants through our no-cost Services for Employers. The Business Services unit receives job listings from employers in the Denver metro area and enters them into our statewide database.

Using Job Link, our Business Services unit performs automated identification and "skills matching" of qualified applicants for referral to your company. Based on the needs of your company, we can customize the application process to recruit and prescreen the most qualified candidates for your company's open jobs.

The job listings will be entered within 24 hours of receipt. Once the position is entered into the database, we will fax or email a copy for your approval. We will follow up with you every 30 days to check the status of the job listing, as well as the status of those applicants who have been referred to you.

In order to ensure that qualified applicants are referred, please be as specific as possible regarding the minimum requirements and job duties. Based on the information you provide, we will enter the job order and search the database to refer qualified applicants to you.

All job listings must meet the following criteria before we can post them into our system:

  • There must be a valid current job opening available.
  • No application fees can be charged to the applicant. Applicants may be required to pay for relevant certifications, licensing or testing. We must be notified at the time the job is posted about any fees that will be required.
  • The position must guarantee minimum wage.
  • The job order must comply with federal and state statutes prohibiting discrimination in employment. Hiring specifications must be based exclusively upon job performance standards.
  • The hiring must be of an employee. We cannot post job orders for independent contractors, except for federally certified agricultural migrant labor positions.
  • We cannot post job orders if they are to fill a position left vacant due to a strike against the company.

Please feel free to contact the Business Services unit if you have any questions or need additional information about posting a job.

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