Employability & Personal Development Workshops

Current Workshops

The Workforce and Business Center values the safety of our customers and staff and has temporarily discontinued in-person workshops during the COVID-19 public health crisis. 

Until in-person workshops can be resumed safely, the training team is pleased to offer a wide range of virtual workshops. See the following descriptions for more information and see our monthly schedule here

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Workshops are held virtually via Zoom. Please click here for more information on how to use Zoom.

GCF Learn Free

For our customers seeking to update their computer skills, we recommend visiting GCF Learn Free for self-guided tutorials covering a wide variety of computer technology topics (and many others!).

GED Prep

The Adams County Workforce & Business Center offers GED prep virtually. Get registered for online access and tutoring assistance as needed. Contact Ashley Coulter for more information.

Class Descriptions

Adams County Job Club  Meeting twice a month, Job Club allows job seekers to network with peers, help each other, talk about successes and challenges, and practice more intensive job-preparedness skills. One regular benefit of the club is Q&A sessions with Human Resources professionals where club members can solicit direct, real-world feedback about the business side of hiring. 
Career Exploration

Conduct a thorough self-analysis and learn about assessments that can help you identify a career path that will be a great fit for YOU!  This workshop covers:

  • Identify your basic employment requirements
  • Review key personality traits
  • Identify and list your top values
  • Identify your key skills
  • Explore your job interests

Learn the tools you need to communicate more effectively in interviews and the workplace. This workshop covers:

  • Understand the benefits of good communication
  • Be able to recognize communication issues
  • Review the five components of communication and three methods of communication
  • Understand effective listening techniques
  • Learn four communication styles
  • Demonstrate the proper use of “I Messages”
Conflict Resolution

Many of us don't handle conflict so well. Learn how to build stronger relationships and create greater success by effectively managing and resolving conflict.  This workshop covers:

  • Understand what conflict is and how it impacts your life
  • Learn steps to set yourself up for success before entering into conflict resolution
  • Learn strategies to productively express your perspective in a conflict
  • Learn how to invite another’s perspective and facilitate mutual understanding
  • Understand different options for resolution, how to address impasses, and how to promote long-lasting, positive outcomes
Connecting Colorado

Add to your job-searching tool box by learning how to effectively utilize the database used by all Workforce Centers in the state to connect job seekers with employers.  This workshop covers:

  • Learn what Connecting Colorado is
  • Understand how Workforce Centers & Connecting Colorado differ from other organizations and platforms
  • Explore the different features of Connecting Colorado and learn how to navigate the site
  • Know how to set up your profile to effectively use Connecting Colorado as part of your job search strategy.
Cover Letter

Who needs a cover letter? What goes in it? How is it different from the resume? Learn the answer to these questions and many others in this informative workshop.  This workshop covers:

  • Understand the purpose of a cover letter
  • Learn 20 key personality skills
  • Identify 5 elements of a cover letter
  • Learn tricks to get the employer’s attention
  • Identify sections of the cover letter
  • Learn how to make yourself stand out
Critical Thinking

Learn how to effectively analyze and solve work problems, develop more and better ideas, make fewer mistakes, and get more out of training and other learning opportunities on the job.  This workshop covers:

  • Understand why employers value this skill
  • Learn the attributes of a critical thinker
  • Be able to assess sources of information for quality and legitimacy
  • Explore systematic steps for problem solving and decision making
  • Learn how to improve critical thinking skills
Elements of Networking 

Did you know most people get jobs through people they know? Learn how to leverage your network to maximize your job search success! This workshop covers: 

  • Learn why networking is an important job search tool
  • Explore who is in your network already
  • Learn strategies to build on your existing network
  • Gain ideas on where you can network
  • Understand what informational interviews are and how to conduct them
Financial Literacy 

Adams County WBC is excited to partner with the CSU Extension office to offer a series of four financial literacy workshops each month. Topics include:

  • Budgeting Tips
  • Credit: Know Before You Owe
  • Money and Stress
  • Eat Healthy on a Budget
Interview Strategies

Come explore strategies to turn interviews into job offers! Learn what to do before, during and after your interview to set yourself up for success. This workshop covers:

  • Understand steps to prepare for an interview
  • Learn what a success story is and how to prepare one
  • Learn how to prepare for tough questions
  • Explore strategies to perform well during the interview
  • Learn strategies for wrapping up the interview and following up afterward
  • Understand different types of interviews and strategies for each
Job Development Prep Class 

Learn how the Job Development program works to connect you with employers. This workshop covers: 

  • Core elements of Job Development
  • Essential aspects of job readiness, and resources to help become job ready
  • Advice and best practices for your job search
Job Searching with a Criminal Background 

Learn how to discuss your criminal background with confidence and to reframe past mistakes into current strengths. This workshop covers: 

  • Understand the keys to a successful job search
  • Identify the value you have to offer and what concerns employers may have based on your background issues
  • Understand the elements of a good explanation
  • Know when and how to use your explanation
  • Learn additional strategies that can help your job search
Leadership Learn how to communicate effectively, keep morale high, motivate every single worker to perform well, maximize efficiency and achieve collective goals. Participants can customize their workshop experience by choosing a selection of topics to focus on from 20 different leadership areas. No two workshops are the same!

Learn networking strategies to target the hidden job market. Prepare an elevator speech, develop a job fair plan, and stand out from other job seekers by making the most of a job fair. This workshop covers: 

  • Learn what LinkedIn is and why it is an important job searching tool
  • Learn how to set up a basic account, LinkedIn terminology, and definitions
  • Learn the different elements of your LinkedIn profile and how to set it up
  • Understand the difference between contacts and connections and learn how to utilize both
  • Explore how to conduct job search through the LinkedIn platform 
Manage Time for Success

With so many competing demands, it is tough to get everything done. Gain a new perspective on time management and learn strategies to make the most of your time.  This workshop covers:

  • Identify where your time is going and what value you are getting out of the time you spend.
  • Identify what is important to you and learn how goals can help you stay focused on what you want to accomplish.
  • Learn strategies and planning tools to create a foundation for successful time management.
  • Explore strategies for putting plans into action that ensure consistent progress toward goals.
  • Identify one strategy to commit to that will allow time for success in your life.
Managing Change

In these unprecedented times, change is our constant companion. Instead of fighting against it, learn how to embrace change and use it to your advantage. This workshop covers:

  • Understand why flexibility is important and why change is difficult
  • Learn about the stages we go through when affected by change
  • Explore different strategies that will help you use change to your advantage
  • Create a plan for responding to change
  • Learn how optimism can help you productively manage change 
Marketing Yourself Successfully

How can you stand out in today's job market? Learn the basics of professional branding. This workshop covers:

  • Understand why marketing and branding are important to job searching
  • Create a professional identity statement
  • Understand and create a unique selling point

Understand what an elevator speech is, what should be included in it, and when it should be used

Online Job-Search Resources

Learn how to utilize online resources to research occupations and explore your career-path. This workshop gives an overview of various resources including:

  • My Colorado Journey
  • Labor Market Information
  • Careers in Colorado
  • Connecting Colorado
  • O-NET
Professional Relationships

Have you ever struggled with relating to others, responding positively to feedback, or dealing with difficult people? Learn skills and strategies to build strong relationships at work! This workshop covers:

  • Understand basic relationship needs
  • Discover levels of relationship
  • Describe types of workplace relationships
  • Examine steps for building strong relationships
  • Learn how to respond positively to feedback

Learn strategies for dealing with difficult relationships

Resume Strategies 

Learn the successful technique of targeting your resume and writing powerful accomplishment statements to demonstrate your strengths to employers. This workshop covers:

  • Learn how to get the employer’s attention
  • Understand the importance of targeting your resume and how to do it
  • Learn about different types of resumes and assess which is best for you
  • Understand the importance of using accomplishment statements and learn how to write one
  • Learn basic resume formatting tips and challenges

Understand who makes a great reference and how to set up a reference sheet

Self-Care for Balance 

Do you feel life pulling you in many different directions? Reclaim your life by creating space for the things you enjoy. This workshop covers:

  • Understand what self-care is, and what it is not
  • Learn the benefits of self-care
  • Know the Four Life Quadrants
  • Identify signs of imbalance
  • Create balance at home and at work

Explore modes of self-care

Take Control of Your Life 

Do you sometimes feel like the world is spinning out of control? Discover strategies that can give you a greater sense of control in your life. This workshop covers:

  • Understand and be able to identify what is and what isn't within your control.
  • Understand the relationship between thoughts, feelings, behaviors and experience
  • Practice strategies to manage your thinking

Identify at least one way you can take greater control in your life

Computer Classes

Computer Basics Get comfortable with the basic operation of a computer. Learn tips to explore the internet and get an introduction to Microsoft Word. This is a very basic class. This class covers:
  • Basic Terminology: Hardware/Software
  • Identifying common keys and their uses
  • Desktop icons, buttons, pop-up menus
  • Opening Programs
  • Microsoft Programs Introduction: Ribbon (Task Bar)
  • Tab Organization
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste
  • Using a Flash Drive
  • Saving documents in different formats
  • Internet Searching-Using multiple Windows
Word I Utilize basic functions of Word to create, format, and save documents using the toolbar and shortcuts. This class covers:
  • Opening and Closing Word and Documents
  • Features of the toolbar
  • Multiple ways to execute the same task
  • Selecting text or a whole document
  • Cut, copy, paste
Word II Strengthen your Word skills and explore advanced program features.
(Prerequisite: Word I or computerized pre-assessment.) Contact Lorraine Johnson at 720.523.6940 to schedule the pre-assessment.
Excel 1 Learn the basic functions of Excel. Navigate a variety of spreadsheets and practice using basic formulas. This class covers:
  • Starting Excel and creating a workbook
  • Understanding the Excel Program Screen and Ribbon
  • Worksheet Basics and Navigating a Worksheet
  • Select Cell Range and Select all
  • Inserting and Deleting Cells, Rows, and Columns
  • Basic Formulas
  • Order of Operations
  • Sorting and merging cells
Supported Lab Time Use this time to work on any job seeking task in an interactive supported environment.
Internet Safety and Basic Email Have basic internet safety questions? In this class you will learn about virus protection, removing your name from junk lists, and how to navigate email.
LinkedIn A hands-on lab to create or strengthen you profile. Also, learn basic networking features of LinkedIn.
Connecting Colorado and ONET Lab Make the most of your job search with a complete Connecting Colorado(CC) Profile. Learn how to utilize Onetonline for labor market research and advanced job searching using Connecting Colorado.
Skills Labs These classes are a good review for those taking the TABE test or needing to strengthen basic skills before enrolling in GED classes. Covers up to about 9th grade equivalency
Math Lab Learn, review, and practice math skills including: computation, fractions, decimals, geometry, and more. A basic pretest is given and the topics covered in class are determined by the test results.
Literacy Lab Review reading comprehension strategies, effective ways to locate information in text, and methods for answering questions.
Study Skills & Test Taking Strategies Refresh techniques for studying and get tips to improve test taking skills. This class covers:
  • Note-taking
  • Strategies to review a textbook
  • Reading for main ideas
  • Prioritizing tasks
  • Backwards planning to creating an assignment timeline
Job Club Practice networking in a safe environment and share celebrations and challenges with other job seekers. Topics change monthly and can be found on the monthly calendar. Come practice with a Mock Interview. Schedule an appointment to participate in a mock interview. Dress professionally and ready to receive useful feedback.

May: Anxiety before an interview?

Colorado Employment Skills Certificate This accessible certificate will give employers information of your strengths, skills and proficiency levels. Prove your value to employers before or during the hiring process. Take a variety of skill tests to demonstrate your competencies and use the handy format to give all employers access to those scores. Assessments are determined on a one-on-one basis.