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Currently, there is a limit of one transaction per appointment. Learn more here. Anything in excess will need to be mailed to the Brighton Motor Vehicle office or scheduled in a 10-minute, drop-off appointments. Appointments can be scheduled online.

 Brighton Motor Vehicle: 4430 South Adams County Parkway Suite, E2001 Brighton, CO 80601

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Brighton Motor Vehicle

4430 South Adams County Parkway Suite, E2001 Brighton, CO 80601

Dealer & Company Desk Locations and Hours of Operation

Motor Vehicle lobbies will reopen to the public--by appointment only--on Tuesday, June 2. The new hours of operation are Tuesday-Friday, 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. We are currently processing transactions over the phone, via mail, and online, and we will continue those services. Appointments can be scheduled online or over the phone at 720.523.6010. All commercial transactions will be limited to one transaction per day. Anything above the one transaction limit will need to be dropped off for processing by our Service Center or mailed to address above. You will also have the option to schedule a 10-minute drop-off appointment.
Requirements for mailings and drop-offs:
  • Include drop sheet with specific instructions (e.g. title only, title and plates, etc.), fleet number, 2% number (when applicable), tax-exempt information, contact method, and method of payment.
  • Paperwork must be complete and accurate.
  • Payment is required at the time of transaction. 
  • Include completed title application (DR2395) for each title or MSO we are processing.
  • A Heavy Vehicle Use Affidavit is required for all vehicles weighing over 10,001 lbs.
  • An SMM Worksheet is required for any new equipment. 
  • Blank check with authorization letter or escrow account with adequate funds. Call the Service Center at 720.523.6010 to set up an escrow account.
  • Email address and phone number of the company contact.
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