Murals for Hope

Murals for Hope

Murals for Hope

Murals for Hope is a series of 13 exterior murals along the Clear Creek and South Platte River Trail systems in Adams County. Themes for each installation were inspired by the wildlife and beauty of the parks, trails, and open space properties throughout Adams County. There are also traces of mythological hope throughout the murals, including the Firebird and Thunderbird figures from indigenous folklore.

Meet the Artists

Jay Jaramillo and Jerry Jaramillo - Clear Creek Trail, 64th Avenue Trailhead

AJ Davis (Project Street Gold) - Clear Creek Trail, Clear Creek / South Platte Confluence

Johanna Gentry - South Platte River Trail, Clear Creek / South Platte Confluence

Anthony Garcia (Birdseed Collective) - Riverdale Regional Park Entrance, 120th Avenue

Hiero Veiga - Riverdale Regional Park Tunnel, 120th Avenue

Michael Gadlin - South Platte River Trail, 124th Avenue Underpass, Riverdale Regional Park

Chainsaw Carvings at Riverdale Regional Park

The series of ten wood carvings were commissioned between 120th Avenue and Willow Bay along the South Platte River Trail in Riverdale Regional Park to complement the Murals for Hope project. Click here to view the map of carvings at Riverdale Regional Park.

Meet the Artists

Faye Braaten (aka Chainsaw Mama) – Carved Blossom, Hunter, and Playing Around

Mark Mahorney – Carved Sunflowers, Pond Explosion and Sentinels

Bongo Love – Carved Blue, Freedom, and Family

Matt Ounsworth – Carved Sasquatch