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Cultural Arts

Adams County is dedicated to the growth and evolution of the arts in our communities. Our vision is to be an inclusive community where everyone has the opportunity to enjoy a rich diversity of art and culture experiences.

Read about Adams County’s commitment to the arts in the Adams County Arts & Culture Master Plan.

Current Projects

Click here to view cultural arts projects in Adams County.

Percentage for the Arts Progam

The Adams County Public Art Program dedicates one half of 1% of every county capital facilities project for public art. Adams County has multiple opportunities for artists to work with the community. From public art installations, to programs and classes. Artists, learn more about the projects, process and open Call for Entry.

Adams County Visual Arts Commission

The Adams County Visual Arts Commission acts as an advisory board to the county’s arts and culture initiative, and to place public art in county facilities as part of the one half of 1% public art program.

Learn more about the Adams County Visual Arts Commission.   

Photo Gallery

View a few pieces from the Adams County Public Art Collection.

Adams County Cultural Council  


The Adams County Cultural Council is responsible for recommending SCFD funding disbursement to Tier III organizations serving Adams County residents.

Learn more about the Adams County Cultural Council.





Zoe Ocampo, Cultural Arts Liaison
9755 Henderson Road
Brighton, CO 80601
303.637.8028 | Email