Community Safety & Well-Being

The Department of Community Safety and Well-being (CSWB) includes the following functional areas and disciplines: Community Corrections, Criminal Justice Planning, Neighborhood Services (Animal Management, Code Compliance, and Graffiti Removal), Office of Emergency Management, and Poverty & Homelessness Reduction. CSWB takes a holistic approach, aligning resources and strategy under a community-based, community-first philosophy to better citizen experience and quality of life. This is done by expanding upon and amplifying the scope and reach of more traditional models.  It allows the county to maximize overall service delivery through customer care, consistency, and efficacy, and by addressing needs across a more inclusive and representative continuum.

Annual Reports

2021 CSWB Annual Report

View the 2021 Community Safety & Well-Being Annual Report






View the 2020 Community Safety & Well-Being Annual Report

Community Corrections

Community Correction’s mission is to promote and increase public safety, providing an alternative sentencing option to the court, and a transition option for clients returning to our community from the Department of Corrections.  While in Community Corrections, clients are required to work, pay taxes, pay child support, pay restitution and participate in treatment. The Community Corrections Board serves as an advisory board to the County Commissioners and has legislative authority to review and approve all cases for appropriate placement in Adams County, therefore protecting local control.  Community Corrections Board and Administration provides oversight to Community Corrections contracted providers, and additionally provides training, coaching and technical assistance.  

Criminal Justice Planning

The Criminal Justice Planning Unit provides planning, coordination and project management support for The Adams County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) for the purposes of criminal justice reform and process improvement. The mission of the CJCC is to provide an ongoing forum for leaders from justice agencies, local government offices, and community partners to discuss and prioritize public safety and criminal justice reform practices in the most evidence based, effective and equitable way possible. Utilizing the CJCC as an advisory board, the criminal justice planning unit facilitates criminal justice system improvement through four different focus areas including Behavioral Health, Information Sharing, Juvenile Justice and Alternative Sanctions.

Neighborhood Services

Code Compliance, Animal Management, and our Neighborhood Parking Program strive to improve the quality of life for those who live, visit, and work in Adams County. In doing so, we provide education and guidance related to the county's developmental standards, animal regulations, and parking ordinance.  Adams County is piloting a neighborhood parking permit program to address parking concerns in specific areas (districts) of heavy use. 

Office of Emergency Management 

The Adams County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) plans, coordinates, and supports activities that help our community reduce its vulnerability to disaster.  By developing working relationships with other county agencies, municipal governments, state government, nonprofit and volunteer organizations, business associations, private sector entities and citizens on a daily basis, we are able to strengthen our lines of communication, which provide for a quicker response and foster a more resilient community.

Poverty, Homelessness, and Neighborhoods

Poverty, Homelessness, and Neighborhood Outreach works to reduce poverty and increase community equity through community engagement, partnership development, and helping shape policy. We work collaboratively across the region to strengthen neighborhoods, reduce displacement, and expand opportunities and services. PRT strives to lead and coordinate initiatives related to homelessness, housing, neighborhoods, and quality of life. 

Quarterly Reports

2021 Quarter 1 Report 
2021 Quarter 2 Report
2021 Quarter 3 Report

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