Adams County offices are closed through April 19. Human Services, Animal Shelter, and Colorado Air and Space Port will provide essential services. Sheriff, District Attorney, Coroner, and Justice Center will remain open until further notice.
Tri-County Health Department has rescinded its Stay-at-Home Public Health Order issued March 25. Adams County is now under the state-issued Stay-at-Home Public Health Order, in effect through April 11, to avoid confusion for residents.

Animal Management

Animal ManagementGoal

The goal of Animal Management is to serve and protect the pets and the people of Adams County through enforcement of state statutes and county ordinances as they pertain to the care and welfare of domestic animals. We seek to educate and engage our residents in the practices of responsible pet ownership.

Report an Animal Control Issue

Adams County Animal Management Officers respond to and handle a variety of animal-control calls, including animal bite or attack, vicious or dangerous dog, stray animals, animal neglect or abuse, and unreasonable animal noise (barking, howling, etc.).

To report a pet-animal complaint, please contact the Adams County Communications Center (ADCOM) at 303.288.1535.

If you need assistance with livestock (including horses and cattle), please contact the Adams County Sheriff’s Department (303.288.1535), State Brand Inspector (303.869.9160), or the Department of Agriculture (303.869.9000).

Adams County Animal Management does not handle problem wildlife. There are pest control agencies that specialize in wildlife that can assist you with many wildlife problems for a fee.

Adams County Ordinance No. 6 – Pet Animal Licensing and Control

Licensing Requirement in Unincorporated Adams County (Article 4-1 & 4-2)

Owners of dogs that are six (6) months of age or older shall cause such dogs to be licensed by ACASAC.  Each dog license shall be valid for a period of three hundred sixty-five (365) days from the date of issuance and shall be renewed annually.  To obtain a dog license, the owner must present to ACASAC a valid rabies vaccination certificate indicating the dog has been vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian.

Rabies Vaccinations Required in Unincorporated Adams County (Article 5-1)

The owner or custodian of any dog or cat shall have such dog or cat vaccinated against rabies by a licensed state veterinarian, unless such owner or custodian presents to the animal management officer a written statement from a state licensed veterinarian that vaccination against rabies would be detrimental to the health of such dog or cat.  Such vaccination shall be performed on or before the appropriate anniversary date of the initial vaccination as determined by the compendium of animal rabies control § 25-4-615(2), C.R.S. Any person who acquires within the county a dog or cat shall have such dog or cat vaccinated within 30 days of such acquisition or within 30 days after the dog or cat reaches six months of age, whichever occurs later.

Door Hanger
  • All animals picked up by an Animal Management officer shall be impounded at the Adams County Animal Shelter unless the animal can be returned to the identified rightful owner.
  • Each Animal Management officer has the discretion to issue a summons/citation for violations of the Adams County Animal regulations or any violation of Colorado State law related to CRS 35-45-112.

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