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Chainsaw Carvings at Riverdale Regional Park

The series of ten wood carvings were commissioned between 120th Avenue and Willow Bay along the South Platte River Trail in Riverdale Regional Park. Chainsaw artists include Faye Braaten (aka Chainsaw Mama), Mark Mahorney, Bongo Love, and Matt Ounsworth. Click here to view the map of carvings at Riverdale Regional Park.



Arts & Culture

Murals for Hope

Click here to visit our Murals for Hope web page. Murals for Hope is a series of five exterior murals along the Clear Creek and South Platte River Trail systems in Adams County. Themes for each installation were inspired by the wildlife and beauty of the parks, trails, and open space properties throughout Adams County.



Xólotl: Dios Perro - Monumental Alebrije

Xólotl: Dios Perro (Dog Deity) is 20’ tall paper-mâché sculpture, on display at the Adams County Human Services Center through September 2021. Dios Perro is an Alebrije depicting the Aztec God Xólotl, Lord of the underworld. This joyful, vibrant work is by Mexican contemporary artist, Óscar Becerra-Mora. Click here to watch a short video and learn more about the sculpture.

In partnership with the Mexican Cultural Center Denver