Current Land Use Cases

Land Use CasesDevelopment Review Team

This report provides information about upcoming projects to be reviewed by the County’s Development Review Team (DRT).  This team is comprised of county staff and outside agencies.   Development proposals for major projects in unincorporated Adams County often come through the DRT for an initial review before formal submittal. 

Development Review Team Summary

Scheduled Land Use Cases

Below you will find a report of scheduled land use cases that require one or more public hearings before the Board of Adjustment, Planning Commission, or Board of County Commissioners. The report also includes a list of recent decisions on land use cases. 

Report of scheduled public hearings and recent decisions

For more information about any of these cases, please feel free to contact the listed case manager.

Board of Adjustment Cases

To view case information click on the Request for Comments and Public Hearing Notice associated with the current case below.

PRA2019-00002 Raleigh Street Duplexes Request for Comments
PRA2018-00006 Estrella Sign Variance
PRA2019-00001 5595 Washington Setback Variances
VSP2019-00002 EA Towing Request for Comments
VSP2019-00012 Morales Family Seasonal Business Request for Comments
VSP2019-00013 National Western Stock Show Staging Area Request for Comments
VSP2019-00014 Coon Variance
VSP2019-00019 Rocky Mountain Prestain - Addition  

Planning Commission & Board of County Commissioners Cases

To view case information click on the Request for Comments and Public Hearing Notice associated with the current cases below.

PLN2019-00005 Pecos Logistics Park Metro District
PLN2019-00008 Second Creek Interceptor Request for Comments
PLN2019-00009 Promontory Metro District Request for Comments
PLN2019-00011 Berkeley Shores Metro District  
PLT2018-00030 Layton Subdivision Third Filing Request for Comments
PLT2018-00032 Telluride Bar and Grill Minor Subdivision Request for Comments
PLT2018-00044 Ridgeview Estates
PLT2019-00001 Blackstone Ranch, Filing 4  
PLT2019-00003 Frei Subdivision, Filing 2
PLT2019-00005 Country Club Ranchettes
PLT2019-00009 Central 64
PLT2019-00013 Pecos Logistics Park, Filing 1
  • Request for Comments
PLT2019-00015 1210 E. 73rd Avenue
PLT2019-00016 Rocky Mountain Prestain - Addition 
  • Request for Comments
PRC2018-00007 Rago Enterprises Request for Comments
PRC2018-00008 Shook Subdivision Filing 3 and 4 Request for Comments
PRC2018-00011 Baseline Lakes FDP Amendment and Final Plats

FDP Amendment

Final Plats (Filings 2-5)

PRC2018-00020 Denver Mart Master Plan Request for Comments
PRC2018-00021 Center Greenhouse Redevelopment
PRC2018-00024 Villalobos-Quebec
PRC2019-00001 Huron St. Subdivision and Rezone Request for Comments
PRC2019-00002 Copeland Precast
PRC2019-00003 Lowell Blvd.
PRC2019-00004 Kiowa-52 Solar
RCU2016-00029 JFW Inert Fill  Request for Comments
RCU2017-00001 Tempo Misionero Betel Request for Comments
RCU2018-00004 Pecos Street Rezone and Subdivision Request for Comments
RCU2018-00006 Durland Billboard Request for Comments
RCU2018-00018 64th Ave. Billboard Request for Comments
RCU2018-00019 Phillips Resubmittal 04/19/2019
RCU2018-00031 Deshazer Accessory Dwelling Conditional Use Permit Request for Comments
RCU2018-00032 Jamaso Pipeline Resubmittal - 04/19/2019
RCU2018-00041 Prairie Learning Center Request for Comments
RCU2018-00054 Villalobos-Quebec Rezone Request for Comments
RCU2018-00060 Watkins South Compressor Station  
RCU2018-00061 Imboden Matador Transmission Line Request for Comments
EXG2019-00001 Aggregate Industries Tucson South Mine
(Formerly RCU2018-00002)
RCU2019-00003 Henderson Pit Recycling
RCU2019-00006 Reborn Animal Refuge Request for Comments
RCU2019-00009 DeShazer Horse Boarding Request for Comments
RCU2019-00014 Pecos Logistics Park Rezoning Request for Comments
RCU2019-00017 Oak Leaf 37 Solar
RCU2019-00018 Oak Leaf 44 Solar
RCU2019-00019 Crown Castle York 67 Request for Comments
RCU2019-00021 Brannan
RCU2019-00022 Wyandot Triplex Request for Comments
RCU2019-00025 Mount Moriah Stables Request for Comments
RCU2019-00026 Rio Bravo Signage Request for Comments
RCU2019-00028 Bronco Pipeline Amendment Request for Comments
RCU2019-00029 Unser Billboard Request for Comments
RCU2019-00030 Lamar 160th Billboard Request for Comments
RCU2019-00033 Riverdale Valve Request for Comments
RCU2019-00031 12490 Buckley Verizon Tower Request for Comments

Oil and Gas Administrative Use by Special Review (AUSR)

USR2016-00006: Ward Petroleum - Ivey well pad

*This facility was acquired by Great Western Oil and Gas on April 11, 2018


USR2016-00007: Extraction Oil and Gas -  Alma well pad

USR2017-00002: Extraction Oil and Gas - Prairie Center well pad
USR2017-00004: Great Western - B-Farm well pad
USR2017-00005: Ward Petroleum - Edmundson well pad
*This facility was acquired by Great Western Oil and Gas on April 11, 2018
USR2017-00006: ConocoPhillips - Venturers well pad
USR2018-00001: Extraction  Oil and Gas - Duck Club well pad
USR2018-00002: Great Western - Seltzer well pad

USR2018-00003: PetroShare - Wakeman well pad

USR2018-00004: PetroShare - Conner well pad
USR2018-00005: Great Western - Tollway LC 
USR2018-00006: PetroShare - Palacios 
USR2018-00007: ConocoPhillips - Crow
USR2018-00008: PetroShare - State
USR2018-00009: Great Western - Kortum
USR2018-00010: Great Western - Baseline
USR2018-00011: Great Western - Brant
USR2018-00012: Great Western - Tower
USR2018-00013: Great Western - Gus
USR2019-00001: Great Western - RIO
USR2019-00002: Extraction - Warbler