Current Land Use Cases


Land Use CasesDevelopment Review Team

This report provides information about upcoming projects to be reviewed by the County’s Development Review Team (DRT).  This team is comprised of county staff and outside agencies.   Development proposals for major projects in unincorporated Adams County often come through the DRT for an initial review before formal submittal. 

Development Review Team Summary

Scheduled Land Use Cases

Below you will find a report of scheduled land use cases that require one or more public hearings before the Board of Adjustment, Planning Commission, or Board of County Commissioners. The report also includes a list of recent decisions on land use cases. 

Report of scheduled public hearings and recent decisions

For more information about any of these cases, please feel free to contact the listed case manager.

Board of Adjustment Cases

To view case information click on the Request for Comments and Public Hearing Notice associated with the current case below.

PRA2016-00010 Rainbow Variance Request
PRA2017-00002 Barr Lake Substation Antenna Request for Comments
PRA2017-00004 Hansen Request for Comments
PRA2017-00005 CST Brands Request for Comments
PRA2017-00006 Pawlik Request for Comments
VSP2017-00012 DeVillbiss Request for Comments
VSP2017-00014 Ramirez Development Application
VSP2017-00019 Bruns Request for Comments
VSP2017-00021 Blackford Weighing Systems Request for Comments
VSP2017-00026 Peak View Estates
VSP2017-00027 Chesrown Chevrolet Request for Comments
VSP2017-00029 Kitzman Variance Request for Comments
VSP2017-00030 Public Service Fence Request for Comments
VSP2017-00033 Espinoza Garage Variance Request for Comments
VSP2017-00035 Preisendorf Garage Variance Request for Comments
VSP2017-00040 Meeks Variance Request for Comments

Planning Commission & Board of County Commissioners Cases

To view case information click on the Request for Comments and Public Hearing Notice associated with the current cases below.

PLN2017-00014 Pomponio SIA Amendment Development Application 
PLN2017-00020 Wolf Creek Vested Rights Development Application
PLT2016-00032 Grasslands at Comanche Filing 1 Re-submittal Documents
PLT2017-00001 Peak View Estates Request for Comments 
PLT2017-00002 Blackstone Ranch Filing 3
PLT2017-00007 Comanche Estates Filing 3 Development Application 
PLT2017-00011 Hansen Drainage Easement Request for Comments
PLT2017-00013 Frei-Hatchery Final Plat Request for Comments
PLT2017-00014 Ridge at Riverdale, Amendment 4 Request for Comments
PRC2016-00005 Berkeley Meadows Development Application 
PRC2016-00007 Baker Apartments FDP
PRC2016-00008 Roush FDP Request for Comments
PRC2016-00009 Touchstone Granite Request for Comments
PRC2016-00012 Midtown Filing 6 FDP Request for Comments
PRC2016-00015 Denver Mart Request for Comments
PRC2016-00017 Midtown Filing 10 Request for Comments
PRC2016-00018 Midtown Filing 9 Request for Comments
PRC2017-00001 Zuni Residences Request for Comments
PRC2017-00002 Midtown School Parcel Request for Comments
PRC2017-00003 Adams Station #11 Request for Comments
PUD2017-00002 Pomponio PDP Amendment Request for Comments 
PUD2017-00005 Box Elder Creek Golf Course Amendment Request for Comments 
RCU2016-00005 Kiowa Paintball Request for Comments
RCU2016-00012 Colorado Cleanup Corp Request for Comments
RCU2016-00026 5280 Waste Solutions Request for Comments
RCU2016-00027 North Creek Farms Development Application
RCU2016-00038 Hillen Recycling Facility Updated Request for Comments
RCU2016-00039 Farner Request for Comments
RCU2016-00040 Imboden II Extension Request for Comments
RCU2016-00041 Imboden III Request for Comments (Updated)
RCU2017-00001 Tempo Misionero Betel Request for Comments
RCU2017-00002 North Metro Gas Pipeline
RCU2017-00004 Tiley Roofing Conditional Use Permit Request for Comments
RCU2017-00005 A & A Outside Storage Request for Comments
RCU2017-00006 Leyden Conditional Use Permit Development Application 
RCU2017-00007 Wilhelm Condition Use Permit Request for Comments
RCU2017-00011 Discovery Boardwalk
RCU2017-00014 Crown Castle #1 Development Application 
RCU2017-00015 Crown Castle #2 Development Application
RCU2017-00016 Crown Castle #3 Development Application
RCU2017-00017 Discovery Boardwalk
RCU2017-00018 Crown Castle #4 Development Application 
RCU2017-00019 Discovery Boardwalk Segment 3
RCU2017-00020 Fulton Rezone
RCU2017-00021 Westminster Lift Station
RCU2017-00022 Thornton Electric Transition Structures UPDATED Request for Comments and Public Hearing Notice
RCU2017-00025 Pioneer Solar Project-North Site
RCU2017-00026 Pioneer Solar Project-South Site Request for Comments
RCU2017-00028 Kiowa Solar Project Request for Comments
RCU2017-00029 Sprint Nextel-Holly Tower Request for Comments
RCU2017-00030 Front Range RV Storage
RCU2017-00031 SunShare Hudson Request for Comments
RCU2017-00032 Oak Leaf Hudson  Request for Comments
RCU2017-00035 Channing Self-Storage Request for Comments

Oil and Gas Administrative Use by Special Review (AUSR)

USR2016-00005 Great Western Oil and Gas Company Ocho Pad

USR2016-00006 Ward Petroleum Ivey Pad

USR2016-00007 Extraction Alma Well Pad

USR2017-00002 Extraction PC Well Pad
USR2017-00003 Kerr McGee Buchholz
USR2017-00004 Great Western B-Farm