Current Land Use Cases

Land Use CasesDevelopment Review Team

This report provides information about upcoming projects to be reviewed by the County’s Development Review Team (DRT).  This team is comprised of county staff and outside agencies.   Development proposals for major projects in unincorporated Adams County often come through the DRT for an initial review before formal submittal. 

Development Review Team Summary

Scheduled Land Use Cases

Below you will find a report of scheduled land use cases that require one or more public hearings before the Board of Adjustment, Planning Commission, or Board of County Commissioners. The report also includes a list of recent decisions on land use cases. 

Report of scheduled public hearings and recent decisions

For more information about any of these cases, please feel free to contact the listed case manager.

Board of Adjustment Cases

To view case information click on the Request for Comments and Public Hearing Notice associated with the current case below.

PRA2019-00003 Circle K

  1. Variance from the total number of signs
  2. Variance from the sign area requirements

PRA2019-00004/VSP2019-00037 5260 Newton St. Duplex Variances

  1. Variance from minimum lot size and lot width to construct a duplex in a Residential Two-Family zone district.

VSP2018-00037 Trailer World Variance

  1. A variance request requiring that heavy retail and service industry uses front along a collector or arterial road

VSP2019-00012 Morales Family Seasonal Business

VSP2019-00013 National Western Stock Show Staging Area

VSP2019-00021 PDJS Family Trust Inert Fill

  1. Request for a Special Use Permit for inert fill operations for residential lot grading activities.

VSP2019-00026 Paulino Redevelopment Temporary Parking - Extension

VSP2019-00030 Pecos Logistics Park Inert Fill

  1. Request to begin earthwork operations including backfill, placing fill to the intended grade elevation, and stockpiling material on an initial 10 acre section of the property located in the NE corner of the overall 54.3 acre development.

VSP2019-00032 Villalobos Concrete Batch Plant

VSP2019-00033​ 84th Ave Johnson Variance

  1. Accessory structure with lesser side setback than principal dwelling

VSP2019-00034 Snelson Temporary Construction Yard

  1. Renewal of Special Use Permit for Temporary Construction Yard

VSP2019-00036 Chabarria Shed Variance

  1. Variance request to place a 9'x13' shed within the side setback.

VSP2019-00044 Crickenberger Dog Trials

  1. Proposal to hold five (5) dog trials between May & October, one weekend per month, from 9am - 6pm.

VSP2019-00045 5317 Federal Boulevard Setback Variance

  1. Variance from the required 40' arterial right-of-way setback from Federal Boulevard for principal structures in the R-3 zone district.

VSP2019-00046 Brendle-Raleigh

  1. Variance to allow a two-family dwelling (duplex) on a lot measuring approximately 7,400 square feet, where the minimum lot size is 9,000 square feet.

Planning Commission & Board of County Commissioners Cases

To view case information click on the Request for Comments and Public Hearing Notice associated with the current cases below.

EXG2019-00002 Henderson Aggregates
(Formerly RCU2019-00040)

PLN2019-00008 Second Creek Interceptor

  1. Areas and Activities of State Interest Permit and associated Intergovernmental Agreement to allow and construct the Second Creek Interceptor, a pipeline conveying wastewater.
PLN2019-00015 Chapter 5 Text Amendments - Traffic Impact Fees

PLT2019-00003 Frei Subdivision, Filing 2

  1. Lot line adjustment to reconfigure 7 parcels into 5 lots.
PLT2019-00005 Country Club Ranchettes

PRC2019-00016 Pecos Logistics Park, Filing 1
Formerly known as PLT2019-00013

  1. Preliminary plat for major subdivision;
  2. Roadway vacation;
  3. Waiver from subdivision design standards.
PLT2019-00026 Ridgeview Estates, Filing 1
PRC2018-00007 Rago Enterprises
PRC2018-00008 Shook Subdivision Filing 3 and 4
PRC2018-00011 Baseline Lakes FDP Amendment and Final Plats
PRC2018-00020 Denver Mart Master Plan
PRC2018-00025 JRJK Dream Acres - Wadley Farms
PRC2019-00001 Huron St. Subdivision and Rezone
PRC2019-00007 Unison Housing

PRC2019-00008 North Side Gardens Center Land

  1. Minor Subdivision final plat to create one 1.34 acre lot; and rezoning of 0.22 acres from Agricultural-1 to Industrial-1.

PRC2019-00009 Wolf Creek Run West

  1. FDP (Final Development Plan) to develop 429 dwelling units on 199.8 acres
  2. Final Plat for 103 lots on 13 tracts/71.5 acres.
PRC2019-00010 Trailer World
PRC2019-00011 McIntosh Replat

PRC2019-00012 Rocky Mountain Rail Park

PRC2019-00013 McCarty & Heinz Acres

  1. Rezone request from Agricultural-2 (A-2) to Agricultural-1 (A-1),
  2. Minor Subdivision Plat to split one 9.72 acre property into two parcels

PRC2019-00014 Clear Creek Transit Village - FDP, Preliminary Plat, Final Plat & SIA

  1. Final Development Plan for Areas 1 & 2 showing streets and blocks
  2. Preliminary Plat for 21.09 acres with removal of Creekside Ave & Green Ct. Streets
  3. Final Plat for Areas 1 & 2
  4. Subdivision Improvement Agreement for public improvements in Areas 1 and 2

PRC2019-00017 Project Flatiron

  1. Final plat to create one lot over 33.8 acres;
  2. Rezoning of approximately 1 acre from Residential-1-C (R-1-C) to Industrial-1 (I-1).

PRC2019-00018 6642 Decatur Subdivision

  1. Major Subdivision Preliminary Plat in order to create seven lots for a duplex development
  2. Roadway Vacation in order to vacate a portion of West 67th Place right-of-way that is located east of Decatur Street

PRC2019-00019 Berkley Shores

  1. Final Development Plan (FDP) for 89 single-family attached (72 units) and detached housing (17 units) units on 9.73 acres;
  2. Final Plat for 89 parcels and 18 tracts on 9.73 acres.
PRC2019-00020 Brannan Sand & Gravel (Pit 10)

PRC2020-00001 Lara Minor Subdivision and Rezone Request

  1. Request to Rezone an A-2 zoned parcel to an A-1 zoned parcel
  2. Subdivide an approximately 10.36 acre parcel into two parcels
PUD2019-00012 Midtown at Clear Creek - Amendment #1 to Filing 11
RCU2016-00029 JFW Inert Fill
RCU2017-00001 Tempo Misionero Betel
RCU2018-00006 Durland Billboard
RCU2018-00018 64th Ave. Billboard
RCU2018-00031 Deshazer Accessory Dwelling Conditional Use Permit
RCU2019-00006 Reborn Animal Refuge
RCU2019-00009 DeShazer Horse Boarding
RCU2019-00014 Pecos Logistics Park Rezoning
RCU2019-00022 Wyandot Triplex
RCU2019-00025 Mount Moriah Stables
RCU2019-00026 Rio Bravo Signage
RCU2019-00029 Unser Billboard
RCU2019-00031 12490 Buckley Verizon Tower
RCU2019-00035 Crown Castle United Power
RCU2019-00036 Crown Castle E470 Wagner
RCU2019-00039 Colorado Rifle Club CUP Amendment 3

RCU2019-00041 Wagner Semi & Truck

  1. A Conditional Use Permit to allow a semi-truck to be parked on the property.
RCU2019-00042 7300 Broadway Billboard
RCU2019-00043 Chavez Equestrian Arena

RCU2019-00044 T&G 73rd Avenue Rezoning

  1. Proposal to rezone the associated parcel from A-1 to I-1 to combine lots to create outdoor storage.
RCU2019-00046 Strasburg Fire Protection Crew Quarters CUP
RCU2019-00047 AT&T 88th Avenue Tower
RCU2019-00050 South Thornton Lift Station

RCU2019-00052 Apex Plumbing (API) Recycling

  1. Conditional Use Permit to crush and recycle concrete and asphalt in the Industrial-2 (I-2) zone district.

RCU2019-00054 Strasburg Community Church

  1. Rezoning to Commercial-0 (C-0) from Agriculture-1 (A-1) on approximately 6.44 acres.

RCU2019-00056 Reunion RV & Boat Storage

  1. Conditional Use Permit to allow covered and uncovered RV and boat storage with on-site amenities on a 35 acre A-3 zoned property

VAC2019-00004 Colorado Rifle Club Roadway Vacation

  1. Vacate a portion of East 112th Avenue right-of-way between Rector Leader Road and Bijou Creek