Marijuana Licensing

Approved Licenses


 Business Name

 Operating Name 


 Retail Store  The Green Solution, LLC  The Green Solution, LLC  6681 Federal Boulevard
 Retail Store  RJJ Adams, LLC  Native Roots North Denver  620 E. 58th Street
 Retail Store  Lucky Ticket, LLC  Starbuds  1451 Cortez Street, Unit A
 Cultivation  Fleuraison, LLC  Fleuraison, LLC  5923 Broadway Street
 Cultivation  SMMS, LLC  SMMS, LLC  
 Manufacturing  DP Company LTD  Jett Cannabis  5919 Broadway Street

Licenses in Process




 Phone Number


 Cultivation  Jason Wilber  4472 Jason Street  719.838.9059  
 Manufacturing  Kevin F. Haberman  66 Logan Street  847.436.4565
 Manufacturing  Nels Anderson  760 Kearney Street  303.833.7415
 Testing  Richard Marks  6200 W. Mansfield