Tool Shed Program


Tool Shed Program

The Tool Shed program provides unincorporated Adams County residents with free access to yard and gardening tools. We are dedicated to supporting residents maintaining their properties and helping others do the same. This program offers two opportunities to use tools.

  1. Yard Cleanup: Unincorporated Adams County residents can check out individual tools to clean up their yard or help a neighbor.
  2. Neighborhood Cleanup: A group of unincorporated Adams County residents can check out the Tool Shed full of yard and gardening tools for a larger neighborhood cleanup.

Tool ShedParticipation Requirements

  • Neighborhood/yard cleanup effort must be in unincorporated Adams County. Use the Unincorporated Search Map to see if a location qualifies.
  • Neighborhood/yard cleanup effort must have a designated Cleanup Coordinator (this can be the property owner who rented the tools).
  • Equipment or Tool Shed can be used for up to three days.

More information on requirements are available in this program guide.

Forms mentioned in the program guide are available within the guide and online:


Email | 720.523.6992