Emergency Operations and Recovery Plan (EORP)


The Adams County Emergency Operations and Recovery Plan (EORP) provides a framework for the coordinated response and management of emergencies and disaster events most likely to occur in Adams County. The plan identifies the roles, responsibilities and actions required of elected officials, county departments and partner agencies in preparing for, responding to and recovering from emergencies and disasters. The plan establishes fundamental policies, strategies, and assumptions for a county-wide program that is guided by an all-hazards approach, the principles of the National Incident Management System (NIMS), and the planning fundamentals of the Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG) 101 Version 2.

The Adams County EORP, along with the supporting annexes (appendices), incorporates the NIMS concepts, “whole community” principles, practice and language. The EORP utilizes a functional approach identifying the primary agency for each Emergency Support Function (ESF). Primary agencies for each ESF are identified based on their day-to-day authorities, resources and capabilities in the functional area. In addition, other agencies are identified that provide support to the appropriate ESF.

ESF 1 Transportation - "Buses" Adams County Emergency Management
ESF 2 Communications - Adams County Communications Center (ADCOM 911) and Amateur Radio Emergency Services, District 27 (ARES)
ESF 3 Public Works - Adams County Transportation Department
ESF 4a Firefighting - Various County Fire Departments
ESF 4b Emergency Medical Services - Various County EMS agencies
ESF 5 Emergency Management - Adam County Office of Emergency Management
ESF 6a Mass Care - Adams County Human Services and the American Red Cross
ESF 6b Schools - All School Districts
ESF 7 Volunteers and Donations Management - COVOAD
ESF 8a Public Health - Tri-County Health Department
ESF 8b Behavioral Health - Community Reach Center
ESF 8c Mass Fatality - Adams County Coroner
ESF 9 Search and Rescue - RAMPART Search and Rescue
ESF 10 Hazardous Materials - Various County Fire Departments, Adams & Jefferson County Hazardous Response Authority, and the LEPC
ESF 11 Animals and Livestock - Adams County Animal Shelter and Adams County  Parks Department
ESF 12 Utilities - Adams County Public Works
ESF 13 Law Enforcement - Adams County Sheriff’s Office
ESF 14 Damage Assessment - Adams County Assessor’s Office
ESF 15 Emergency Public Information - Adams County Communication Dept

In an effort to ensure that the revised EORP was aligned with the State and National preparedness guidance, the National Department of Homeland Security publications listed below were consulted and closely followed:

  • The National Preparedness Guidelines (September, 2007)
  • National Response Framework (January, 2008) 
  • Comprehensive Preparedness Guide 101, v.2 (November, 2010)

The National Preparedness Guidelines and National Response Framework represent a significant evolution in the way we approach preparedness and emergency management. Together, they create a vision of a more prepared and disaster resilient nation with coordinated capabilities to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from all hazards in a way that balances risk with available resources and need.

Success of the county in disaster response and recovery with regard to the whole community depends upon robust collaboration between the public and private sector, different levels of government, municipal jurisdictions, departments, agencies and community groups within Adams County. Collaboration requires joint planning and training focused on improving capabilities and resource management of all involved entities.