Stormwater Quality (SWQ) Permit for Construction Activities

NEW: Adams County SWMP template has been updated to incorporate the latest CDPHE Stormwater Discharge Permit requirements to meet the 4/1/2019 deadline.

NEW: Stormwater Quality Permit fees have been adopted by the Board of County Commissioners and they are effective as of Jan. 1, 2018. Permit issuance: $300, Renewal/Transfer:$100. Permit fees double for projects starting without permit coverage.

NEW: Revisions to Chapter 9 of the Adams County Standards and Regulations have been adopted on Aug. 15, 2017, regarding drainage design and stormwater quality.

Builders and Contractors need to be aware that construction activities disturbing one or more acres within the new MS4 boundary are required to apply for an Adams County Stormwater Quality Permit. Note that this permit also applies for projects disturbing less than one acre belonging to a larger construction development. The boundary has been extended as required by the State of Colorado.

Additionally, Design Engineers and Consultants need to be aware that construction projects disturbing one or more acre within the new MS4 boundary are required to provide water quality treatment according to the minimum post-construction design standards. Refer to Chapter 9-04-05 for more information. The design parameters were adopted in order to comply with the State of Colorado MS4 permit requirements.

For a copy of the revised Chapter visit:

2018 MS4 Permitted Area in Adams County

Developers & Builders Operating within unincorporated Adams County MS4 permitted area

Per Adams County Development Standards and Regulations; all developers and builders within unincorporated Adams County Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permitted area are required to obtain an Adams County Stormwater Quality (SWQ) Permit for land disturbance activities equal to or greater than one acre, or for land disturbance activities less than one acre that are part of a larger common development.

SWQ Permit 

The intent of the SWQ permit is to ensure that developers and builders are in compliance with state and federal stormwater regulations for construction activities. The county's goal is to provide compliance assistance and aid in preventing the potential for State and EPA enforcement fines due to violations of stormwater regulations governing construction site operators.

Failure to obtain a SWQ permit for applicable projects will result in delays in the issuance of grading, right of way and/or building permit. Developers and builders should therefore plan ahead when preparing to apply for construction permits that may require an associated SWQ permit.

SWQ Permit Application:   

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