Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)


Tier II Reporting in Adams County

Adams County is participating in the single-point submission process with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). The LEPC and the local fire departments/districts within Adams County do not require a separate reporting process. Submittal through the state CEOS portal is sufficient.

Adams County does not require separate filing/copies of your Tier II reports.

Meeting Times


The Adams County LEPC will meet on the fourth Monday of every odd month beginning in January 2021. The usual meeting time is 9-11 a.m. Due to public health restrictions, meetings will be virtual only on the Microsoft Teams platform unless noted on this page. Please check back here frequently for any new information.

If interested in attending, please contact the LEPC Coordinator at LEPC@adcogov.org or 720.523.6602 to request login information.

For more information on LEPC’s Mission, Purpose and Duties, visit the Citizen Boards and Commissions page.  

2021 Meeting Dates

  • January 25
  • March 22
  • May 24
  • July 26
  • September 27
  • November 22

Meeting Agendas and Minutes


01.25.2021 Agenda Minutes View Recorded Meeting
03.22.2021 Agenda Minutes View Recorded Meeting
05.24.2021 Agenda Minutes View Recorded Meeting
07.26.2021 Agenda Minutes View Recorded Meeting
09.27.2021 Agenda Minutes View Recorded Meeting
11.22.2021 Agenda Minutes  


01.27.2020 Agenda Minutes  
03.23.2020 Meeting Canceled    
06.01.2020 Agenda Minutes View Recorded Meeting (password: 3V#!66=c)
07.27.2020 Agenda Minutes View Recorded Meeting (password:  Zp3@KoeK)
09.28.2020 Agenda Minutes View Recorded Meeting  
11.23.2020 Agenda Minutes Recording Unsuccessful


02.25.2019 Agenda Minutes  
04.22.2019 Agenda Minutes  
06.24.2019 Agenda - Meeting Canceled Minutes - Meeting Canceled  
10.28.2019 Agenda Minutes  


02.20.2018 Agenda Minutes  
04.23.2018 Agenda Minutes  
06.25.2018 Agenda    
08.27.2018 Agenda Minutes  
10.22.2018 Agenda Minutes  
12.17.2018 Agenda - Meeting Canceled Minutes - Meeting Canceled  


02.27.2017 Agenda Minutes  
04.24.2017 Agenda Minutes  
06.26.2017 Agenda - Meeting Canceled    
08.28.2017 Agenda Minutes  
10.23.2017 Agenda - Meeting Canceled Minutes - Meeting Canceled  
12.18.2017 Agenda Minutes  


02.22.2016 Agenda Minutes  
04.25.2016 Agenda Minutes  
06.27.2016 Agenda Minutes  
08.22.2016 Agenda Minutes  
10.24.2016 Agenda Minutes  
12.19.2016 Agenda Minutes  

Helpful Links


Dean Berenbaum
Emergency Management Coordinator
720.523.6602 | Email