Environmental Programs

The Environmental Programs Division aids in the administration and enforcement of the county regulations aimed at mitigating offsite impacts to residents' health, safety, and welfare, and the environment from specific types of industrial activities and land uses. Community outreach and education on such impacts, regulations, and procedures is an integral component of achieving environmental compliance and protecting public health. Other objectives of the Division include waste diversion and recycling; brownfields redevelopment; energy sustainability; and public and environmental health.

Environmental ComplianceEnvironmental Compliance

The role of the Environmental Compliance Specialist is to ensure industrial facilities around the county are maintaining compliance with their operating permits, as well as the development standards and regulations the county has in place to protect the environment and public health.

Inspection Process:

The Adams County Environmental Compliance Specialist will review operating permits before an inspection to determine what conditions have been set by the county to operate at the facility. The inspector will reach out to the facility contact to schedule the inspection and request any additional items to review before the inspection date. The inspection process is broken down into three separate inspection types:

  1. Initial Inspections – These types of inspections occur when a new operating permit has been issued for the facility to establish inspection frequency for the duration of the permit.
  2. Routine Inspections – These types of inspections are the most common for established permit holders. They are conducted periodically to ensure permit conditions and development standards are being adhered to by the facility.
  3. Complaint-Based Inspections – These types of inspections are conducted when the county receives a complaint from a resident, county employee, or agency regarding a facility within the county. These inspections are based on the complaint received and verification by the inspector.

Inspection frequency is determined on a individual basis. Most facilities fall into a quarterly or semi-annual inspection frequency based on prior inspections or complaints related to the facility.

Post Inspection:

Once an inspection is completed, the inspector will review the findings and inform the facility representative of any issues that were observed during the time of inspection. If there are no items out of compliance, the facility will be notified with a completed inspection report for their records.

If action items are determined during the inspection, a follow-up inspection will be scheduled based on the scale of the items that have been determined out of compliance. Once the follow-up inspection occurs, the facility will receive a completed inspection report for their records. If there are items that remain out of compliance after the follow-up inspection, a Notice of Violation letter will be issued regarding the outstanding items. If these items are not addressed within the specified time period for correction, the case will be escalated to the 17th Judicial District Attorney’s Office.

We will be posting an interactive map soon showing the county's Environmental Compliance Facilities.

To report environmental compliance-related complaints or issues, contact Miles Buescher.

Oil & Gas InformationOil & Gas Information

The Adams County Oil & Gas Information page offers has information on these topics and more:

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► Oil & Gas Inspection Program
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Mosquito ControlMosquito Control

Mosquito control for Adams County is provided by Vector Disease Control International (VDCI), formerly called Colorado Mosquito Control, with a local office at 7000 Broadway, Suite 108, Denver. VDCI performs mosquito trapping, larvaciding (treating standing water for mosquito larva), adulticiding (spraying for adult mosquitoes), and responds to mosquito complaints for Adams County. Visit our Mosquito Control page for more information.

Recycling and SustainabilityRecycling and Sustainability

Check out this page for events and resources related to recycling events and resources and sustainability including:

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Environmental Health News

In March 2020, Suncor Energy entered into a Compliance Order on Consent with the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment as settlement for a series of citations and associated monetary penalties for violations of air quality regulations and its operating permit. Visit the county’s Suncor Refinery Information Updates page for up-to-date information.

Starting today, community members can sign up for Refinery Notifications, a new system Suncor will begin using in June to update the community when there is an event or incident at the Suncor Energy (U.S.A.) Inc. Commerce City Refinery that does not require immediate action by the community. Suncor’s new notification system will be more customized to your communication preferences. Subscribers can choose to receive notifications through a text message, phone call or email. Notifications will be in both English and Spanish.