Centralized Land & Asset Management

Centralized Land & Asset Management is a newer role in Adams County. Our Project Manager - Land & Assets manages and coordinates the ownership voice for the county as it relates to real estate and oil and gas. The Facilities & Fleet Management (FFM) Department receives ownership level requests relating to real estate the county owns, leasing of real estate, county-owned facilities, and utilities requests on land owned by Adams County (unless it is right-of-way related). Additionally, any oil and gas ownership level inquiries are handled by our Land & Assets Project Manager as they relate to leasing of county-owned interest in minerals, surface use, easements, and more.

Land & Asset Management is much different than the regulatory and permitting side of the county and cannot represent the voice of the regulatory, permitting, or Public Works side of the county. The Community & Economic Development (CED) Department handles the regulatory conversations and requests through their various departments. The Public Works Department does the same with respect to transportation and right-of-way as it relates to their functions and regulatory directives. Our One-Stop Customer Center can help direct those inquiries or requests, whether they belong to CED or Public Works, with a simple call to 720.523.6800.

As an example, the neighbor you need land from (purchase/license/easement) = FFM, Regulatory = AHJ, like CED and otherwise. Note that there are programs that operate on land owned by the county, but they are not the owner, like Colorado Air and Space Port and Riverdale Regional Golf Course. An application for land use or permitting does not offer the county’s ownership authorization, nor does an approval on any such either.

Facilities & Fleet Management represents the owner’s voice only and coordinates the various internal stakeholders (and where applicable, external partnerships) as they overlap. As we factor our moves and where Adams County is growing and going, we see opportunities with having a centralized contact:

Nicci Beauprez | Email
Project Manager - Land & Assets
Facilities & Fleet Management Department
4430 S. Adams County Pkwy.
Brighton, CO 80601
Ph: 720.523.6060