Writing a Resume

About Resumes

A resume is a one-page summary of your skills, work experience and educational achievement. The main reason for a resume is to get an invitation to an interview. A resume is a chance for you to catch the employer's attention. It should show the employer how you and your skills match up with the job the company is trying to fill.


As you prepare your resume, remember to keep it F-A-T:

  • Focused
  • Accomplished
  • Tidy


Your resume should be focused on the kind of job that you are applying for and the reader should clearly know what kind of job you want to do.


Write powerful statements about accomplishments you have had using the necessary skills for the position. See yourself in the position. Concentrate on skills you have that will be important to complete tasks in your chosen field.


Be sure that your resume is tidy. Proofread, proofread and then proofread again. Be sure it is perfect in spelling. The format should be consistent from section to section. There should be lots of white space. It should be easy for the reader to see the important things you want to be known.

Resume Assistance

  • For assistance with writing a resume, please contact the Workforce and Business Center at 720.523.6900.
  • View a sample resume