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Educational ClassesEducational Classes

Adams County Stormwater staff offers free educational classes for homeowners and businesses focusing on best management practices for stormwater quality. This can include information on business practices to minimize stormwater impact, household chemical disposal, yard work tips to reduce stormwater pollution, and construction site management. Every class is tailored to the group focusing on the specific operations of the business or activities of the homeowner. Classes are intended to be given in a group setting, ideally with all employees of the business or a neighborhood group. Training classes are available in English and Spanish. Contact to schedule the class.

Enviroscape-Watershed ModelEnviroscape – Watershed Model

The Enviroscape is a watershed model that provides an interactive learning experience on stormwater, land use, and pollution prevention concepts. From this model, participants will be able to visualize while learning what a watershed is, how the landscape and human activities influence water flow as well as identifying sources of pollution and threats to water quality. Participants of all ages will enjoy this opportunity for a hands-on experience of stormwater education. The County has 2 watershed models that can be loaned for free. Please contact us at to make a reservation.

Stormwater AuditsStormwater Audits

Adams County Stormwater staff offers free stormwater audits of all businesses. These audits will look at all potential impacts to stormwater quality from routine business operations. Stormwater staff can then suggest different practices or equipment that can minimize the risk of stormwater impacts. These audits can be extremely helpful in minimizing your company’s potential liability for future stormwater quality issues.


Water Testing

Water Testing

The county encourages community groups to participate on the Water Quality Monitoring program. Once the group selects a waterway and sampling site, water quality testing can be done by volunteers to help identify potential sources of pollution on the selected waterway. The ounty provides water quality testing kits that are easy to use. The kits include temperature, pH, Ammonia, 5-in-1 Water Quality Test Strips (Total Chlorine, Free Chlorine, Total Hardness, and Total Alkalinity). These parameters can help determine what type of pollution is occurring and what steps the county should take to eliminate the pollution source. This is a great partnership opportunity where volunteers learn about water quality testing for free and the county receives valuable information to make decisions.