Snow and Ice Control Program

The Adams County snow and ice control program is a seasonal function. During storm events, snow and ice control takes precedence over all other operations division activities. Snow and ice control is one of the most cost and labor intensive programs managed by the operations division and includes not only plowing activities, but also the application of a liquid deicer both pre- and post-storm event, and disbursal of solid deicer and anti-skid material.

Adams County has assigned three priority levels to roadways based upon road classification, emergency vehicle routes, and traffic volume. During storm events where snow accumulation is less than eight inches, only priority routes 1 and 2 will be cleared. For storm events with greater than eight inches of snow accumulation, all routes will be served.

Adams County priority routes are shown on the map below. If you have questions about the program, contact the Public Works Operations Division at 303.853.7137.

Priority Map Codes

1st Priority (P1) These routes are generally located on the one-mile grid and have multiple travel lanes. These roadways include major and minor arterials, major collector streets, public transit routes, and access to the medical centers, fire stations, and law enforcement stations. Priority 1 routes will be maintained for all snow events and shall be controlled first. Safe routes to school will be the priority at specific times, usually 1.5 hours prior to first and last bell, if school is in session. Priority 1 roadways are identified and mapped in red.
2nd Priority (P2) These routes are generally multi-lane connector streets to major arterial roads (Priority 1) from residential streets. These roads include minor collector streets, major commerce areas, and areas with government facilities. Priority 2 streets shall be maintained for all snow events and controlled as second priority, once Priority 1 streets are serviced to a degree realistic to the weather conditions. However, depending on the conditions and the amount of available resources, Priority 2 roadways may be maintained concurrently with Priority 1 streets. These roadways are identified and mapped in orange.
3rd Priority (P3)  These roadways have been identified for snow and ice control measures due to risk or problematic locations. The locations for streets in this category are limited to chronic icing problems at hills, curves, or four-way controlled intersections and likely pose some hazard. Priority 3 streets shall be maintained for all snow events and controlled as third priority, once Priority 1 and 2 streets are serviced to a degree realistic to the weather conditions. These roadways are identified and mapped in blue.
4th Priority (P4) These roadways include local, residential, and other streets not specifically identified by the classifications or priorities mentioned above. These streets are a lowest priority and will not be serviced unless road accumulations are equal to or exceeding eight inches (8”). If service is provided, it will typically only be snowplowing of one pass in each direction, splitting snow placement equally to each side of the road. No to minimal anti-icing, deicing, or traction control materials will be placed. Due to parking congestion, available snow storage, cost effectiveness, and available resources, residential roads are not typically treated. These roads will not be serviced during the event and will typically be done during non-overtime hours. These roadways are identified and mapped in green.


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For roadway emergencies, please call ADCOM at 303.288.1535 or dial 911. To report an issue outside of regular working hours for all unincorporated Adams County areas, please call 303.853.7137 and leave a message.