Information Sharing Committee


Chair & Vice Chair

Sharon Dunlap, Municipal Court Manager, City of Thornton


Committee Members

Commisioner Steve O'Dorisio, Adams County Board of County Commissioners
Beth Torgersen, Community Corrections Administrator, Community Corrections for the 17th Judicial District
Julie Heckman, City of Aurora, Deputy City Attorney
Adam Gollin, City of Brighton and Comerce City, Municipal Prosecutor
Emily Fleischmann, Adams County Public Defenders Office, Supervising Public Defender


To promote an information sharing system for Adams County Justice Stakeholders and service providers so that they have the right information at the right time to make quality decisions in the interest of public safety.

Current Projects

Justice-Centralized Online Records Portal (J-CORP): Creating a federated query portal to bring Municipal Court data together with other Municipal Court Data and other Criminal Justice Data

Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA): Create a formal IGA for participating jurisdictions in J-CORP

Futures Goals

Piloting J-Corp with two Municipal Courts and Jail Data

  • Brighton and Commerce City are potential new pilot cities to join J-CORP

Finalize IGA Through an Attorney Work Group

  • Utilizing the County Attorney's Office and a working group of attorneys from other city agencies to come to an agreed upon IGA

Create a Pilot MOU while the IGA is Being Finalized

  • In order to continue work on the pilot cities portal, we will create a temporary MOU between the cities in the pilot program while the IGA is being finalized

Past Accomplishments

Build the infrastructure behind the Federate Query Portal: J-CORP (Justice- Centralized Online Records Portal)

  • Created the technology to bring Municipal Court data together with other Criminal Justice Data
  • Current portal has ability to access Thornton Municipal Court Data and Adams County Jail Data
  • This portal will allow Municipal Courts to easily have access to the information needed to make proper decisions 

Created Draft 1 of the Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) for all Parties Involved with J-CORP

  • Created an in depth IGA dealing with CJIS compliance