Public Works

  • What services does the stormwater management program provide?

    The stormwater management program is administered by the Stormwater Management Division. The following services are provided by the program: 1) Annual billing and customer service; 2) Storm sewer cleaning services, which involve operation and maintenance of existing public drainage infrastructure; 3) Capital drainage improvement program, which involves design and construction of new infrastructure; and 4) Stormwater Quality Program, which maintains compliance with Adams County’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit requirements.

  • No runoff from stormwater drains off my property, why do I have to pay?

    The benefits of the stormwater utility are realized by all property owners within the service area. Capital improvement projects will benefit everyone by reducing flood impacts to roadways as well as other public infrastructure.

  • Who is assessed a stormwater utility fee?

    All property owners in unincorporated Adams County within the service area are required to pay. This includes non-profit entities such as churches, schools and institutions, as well as properties owned by Adams County, the State of Colorado, and the federal government.

  • Is the annual stormwater utility fee tax deductible?

    No, the Stormwater Utility fee is not tax deductible and cannot be claimed on your taxes. This fee should be treated as any other utility service such as water, sewer, or electricity.

  • How are other communities addressing stormwater issues?

    Most communities surrounding Adams County have established similar stormwater utilities. Others use dedicated property taxes, development fees, sales taxes, and other sources in various combinations to finance their stormwater management programs. Approximately 30 communities in Colorado have stormwater utilities that incorporate fees comparable to the stormwater fee that Adams County established.

  • Is there a way to reduce my stormwater fee?

    Yes. Stormwater fees can be reduced through the Adams County’s Stormwater Credit Program. The credit program offers a reduction in fees up to 65 percent to qualified properties that manage certain stormwater runoff on their property. Fees can also be reduced through the replacement of excess impervious area (such as unused parking lots) with landscaped green space.

  • How do I report a street light outage?

    Citizens should call the power company serving their area: Xcel Energy 800.895.1999; Or submit online for Xcel Energy at https://www.xcelenergy.com/Outages_and_Emergencies/Report_Outage or United Power, 303.637.1350

  • How do I request a traffic sign?

    Call Adams County Traffic Services at 303.853.7137.

  • How do I report a damaged or missing traffic sign

    Call Adams County Traffic Services, 303.853.7137. After hours, contact ADCOM, 303.288.1535

  • How do I request traffic count data?

    Call Adams County Traffic Services at 303.853.7130.