Motor Vehicle Software Transition Complete!

Great news! Your Adams County DMV--and all Motor Vehicle offices statewide--have made major improvements! We got a much-needed upgrade from outdated software to a new, innovative software system. 

Throughout this transition, we've been able to keep wait times to an average of 7 to 10 minutes, but we realize that some wait times haven't met our expectations. We've experienced some bugs and glitches within DRIVES, which is to be expected with new software. We're partnering with the Department of Revenue to resolve these issues, and they've been receptive and responsive to our needs. 

There have also been a number of frustrating hail storms across the front range that created an enormous influx of title transactions, increasing demand on our clerks. We're working hard to process these transactions as soon as we can. If you're waiting on a title and need to extend a temporary plate, please call our office at 720.523.6010. We're here to help!

We do offer plenty of ways you can renew without coming to the DMV! If you do need to visit one of our offices, though, be sure to check wait times ahead of time by visiting

Renewal Kiosks
We're all about making your life easier!

Quick and easy renewals are available to Adams County citizens at more than 27 kiosks across the front range.

You can see all the kiosk locations, here.


Gov2Go Smartphone App
Time to renew? Now you'll have an app for that!

  1. Download Gov2Go
  2. Set up your profile
  3. Get a reminder notification
  4. Renew your tags through the app
  5. Receive your tags in the mail


Renew Online
If you have a valid email address, debit card and/or checking account, your license plate number, current insurance, and current emissions test (if applicable), that's all you need to renew your plates online!

Visit to complete your renewal in minutes!


Renew by Phone
You can complete your renewal with us over the phone! 

Simply call 720.523.6010.