Community Services Block Grant Advisory Council (CSBGAC)


The primary purpose of the CSBGAC is to advise the Adams County Board of County Commissioners concerning the administration of the Community Services Block Grant program, pursuant to the Community Services Block Grant Act, Pub. Law 105-285, § 676B, 42 U.S.C. 9910, as amended.

Board members must fully participate in the development, planning, implementation, and evaluation of the CSBG program. 

CSBGAC Meeting Minutes

The council meets quarterly , on the second Friday in March, June, September and December at the Human Services Center.  Please call CSBG staff at 720.523.2217 to confirm attendance .





09.11.2020 03.08.2019 01.12.2018 02.10.2017
12.11.2020 06.21.2019 02.09.2018 03.10.2017
  09.13.2019 03.09.2018 05.12.2017
  12.13.2019 06.08.2018 07.21.2017
    09.14.2018 09.01.2017
    12.14.2018 10.13.2017








Board Bylaws

Current Board Members

  • Chair: Emily Fleischmann
  • Vice-chair: Lily Maddux
  • Leslie Carrico
  • Steven Cervantes
  • Lee Jones
  • George Maxey
  • Nina Myers
  • Pamela Spivey
  • Stacy Woolley

Community Services Block Grant Mission Statement:

To empower Adams County individuals, families, and communities to achieve stability and self-sufficiency by linking and leveraging local resources. 

For more information on the Community Services Block Grant Advisory Council, please contact us at 720.523.2217.