Computer Classes/Workshops

Current Classes

The Workforce and Business Center offers introductory classes in basic computer use designed to assist job seekers who would like to use computers as one of their job search tools. View the upcoming class schedule here. To register, please visit Connecting Colorado.

Class Descriptions

Resume & Cover Letters Learn the successful technique of targeting your resume and writing a powerful cover letter. Write accomplishment statements to demonstrate strengths to employers. This class covers:
  • Value of a Targeted Resume
  • Process for writing a targeted resume utilizing the job description
  • Writing a Profile and Accomplishment Statements
  • Purpose of a Cover Letter
  • Sections and Types of a Cover Letter
Interview Strategies Come explore strategies to prepare for an interview. Develop success stories, work on your presentation, research companies, and follow up with employers. This class covers:
  • Techniques to prepare for an interview
  • An approach to develop success stories
  • Ways to answer questions
  • How to create a positive image
  • Strategies to stay calm
  • Follow-up tasks to stand-out
Networking and Job Fair Preparation Learn networking strategies to target the hidden job market. Prepare an elevator speech, develop a job fair plan, and stand out from other job seekers by making the most of a job fair. This class covers: 
  • Marketing Yourself Successfully
  • Writing an Elevator Speech
  • Building Your Network: Warm and Cold Contacts
  • Using LinkedIn
  • Attending Job Fairs
  • Tips to Engage the Employers
  • Conducting Company/Job Research
  • Post Fair Tasks
Secrets to Job Success Identify and discuss the professional skills employers are seeking in an ideal employee. Learn steps for time management, conflict resolution and communication. This class covers:
  • Examples of soft skills employers are seeking
  • Practicing interpersonal skills: Relationship building, teamwork and collaboration
  • Goal setting with Smart Goals
  • Creating an action plan
  • Time management and prioritizing tasks
  • Stress management tips
  • Conflict resolution steps
  • Decision making process
  • Creative problem solving techniques
  • Communication strategies

Computer Classes

Computer Basics Get comfortable with the basic operation of a computer. Learn tips to explore the internet and get an introduction to Microsoft Word. This is a very basic class. This class covers:
  • Basic Terminology: Hardware/Software
  • Identifying common keys and their uses
  • Desktop icons, buttons, pop-up menus
  • Opening Programs
  • Microsoft Programs Introduction: Ribbon (Task Bar)
  • Tab Organization
  • Cut, Copy, and Paste
  • Using a Flash Drive
  • Saving documents in different formats
  • Internet Searching-Using multiple Windows
Word I Utilize basic functions of Word to create, format, and save documents using the toolbar and shortcuts. This class covers:
  • Opening and Closing Word and Documents
  • Features of the toolbar
  • Multiple ways to execute the same task
  • Selecting text or a whole document
  • Cut, copy, paste
Word II Strengthen your Word skills and explore advanced program features.
(Prerequisite: Word I or computerized pre-assessment.) Contact Lorraine Johnson at 720.523.6940 to schedule the pre-assessment.
Excel 1 Learn the basic functions of Excel. Navigate a variety of spreadsheets and practice using basic formulas. This class covers:
  • Starting Excel and creating a workbook
  • Understanding the Excel Program Screen and Ribbon
  • Worksheet Basics and Navigating a Worksheet
  • Select Cell Range and Select all
  • Inserting and Deleting Cells, Rows, and Columns
  • Basic Formulas
  • Order of Operations
  • Sorting and merging cells
Supported Lab Time Use this time to work on any job seeking task in an interactive supported environment.
Internet Safety and Basic Email Have basic internet safety questions? In this class you will learn about virus protection, removing your name from junk lists, and how to navigate email.
LinkedIn A hands-on lab to create or strengthen you profile. Also, learn basic networking features of LinkedIn.
Connecting Colorado and ONET Lab Make the most of your job search with a complete Connecting Colorado(CC) Profile. Learn how to utilize Onetonline for labor market research and advanced job searching using Connecting Colorado.
Skills Labs These classes are a good review for those taking the TABE test or needing to strengthen basic skills before enrolling in GED classes. Covers up to about 9th grade equivalency
Math Lab Learn, review, and practice math skills including: computation, fractions, decimals, geometry, and more. A basic pretest is given and the topics covered in class are determined by the test results.
Literacy Lab Review reading comprehension strategies, effective ways to locate information in text, and methods for answering questions.
Study Skills & Test Taking Strategies Refresh techniques for studying and get tips to improve test taking skills. This class covers:
  • Note-taking
  • Strategies to review a textbook
  • Reading for main ideas
  • Prioritizing tasks
  • Backwards planning to creating an assignment timeline
Job Club Practice networking in a safe environment and share celebrations and challenges with other job seekers. Topics change monthly and can be found on the monthly calendar. Come practice with a Mock Interview. Schedule an appointment to participate in a mock interview. Dress professionally and ready to receive useful feedback.

May: Anxiety before an interview?

Colorado Employment Skills Certificate This accessible certificate will give employers information of your strengths, skills and proficiency levels. Prove your value to employers before or during the hiring process. Take a variety of skill tests to demonstrate your competencies and use the handy format to give all employers access to those scores. Assessments are determined on a one-on-one basis.