Census Grant Initiative

2020 Census

Project Overview Summary

Partnership, Coordination, and Engagement are the fundamental values driving Adams County’s 2020 Census Outreach Plan. Adams County spans approximately 1,200 miles with a projected population of 511,868 (2019, 2018 Population Estimates, FactFinder.Census.gov) residents. The county has developed a robust and comprehensive approach to ensuring there is a quality and equitable increase in census self-response rates, with a specialized effort in “hard-to-count” populations. Adams County is unique, as it is one of the only counties in Colorado with eight municipalities and two towns. While some counties struggle with rural outreach or urban outreach, Adams County combines a multitude of residential experiences including but not limited to, urban, suburban, and rural communities.

The Challenge 

The State Demographer’s office currently projects roughly, 511,868 residents are living in Adams County (2019, 2018 Population Estimates, FactFinder.Census.gov), which is a significant growth projection. In 2010, Census efforts sought to engage approximately 348,033 which was the 2000 census population total (2019, Censusviewer.com). The 2010 census population counts revealed a population growth of 90,656 counting a total of 441,689 residents in 2010 (2019, Census.gov). Current projections indicate a population growth of only 70,178. However, this number may be low as Adams County is currently ranked as one of the top 10 fastest growing economies in the United States. Additionally, all along the Metro Denver Area, the cost of living has increased significantly, however, Adams County remains one of the most affordable areas in the region, which it is geographically positioned for the frontage workforce because of its central location with every major highway crossing its borders. Thus, there is a possibility the 2020 population growth may be significantly higher than was projected, making census outreach efforts for all, a top priority.