Broadway and 62nd Avenue Drainage Improvements

Project Overview

  • Broadway between 58th and West 64th Avenues floods during heavy precipitation.
  • The area lacks drainage infrastructure to convey runoff.
  • Implementing drainage improvements recommended in the 54th Avenue and Pecos Street Area Outfall Systems Plan.
  • Project has minor and major systems that will be constructed, which address separate issues in the corridor.

Broadway-62nd Drainage ProjectProject Update

The first part of the public process is to present project information on a website and request your feedback on a questionnaire form.  A link to a virtual project open house room with 360 degree viewing will be available Sept. 15 – 30 on this website: Meanwhile, the county’s project team is working on design plans for the Minor System improvements. They are also coordinating studies and modeling for the Major System with other relevant agencies (Colorado Dept. of Transportation and Mile High Flood District).

Contact Information

Adams County Contact:
Long Nguyen, PE, Senior Transportation Engineer
720.523.6808 or

Project Consultant Contact:
Derek Schuler, PE, Transportation Group Leader
Drexel Barrell & Company
Please call Derek to request mailing of printed materials if preferred.