Alternative Sanctions Committee


Chair & Vice Char

Brian Bowen, Adams County Court Judge

Emily Fleischmann, State of Colorado, Public Defender

Committee Members

Adam Gollin, City of Brighton and City of Commerce City, Municipal Prosecutor
Simone Jones, 17th Judicial District, Deputy District Administrator
Michelle Martinez, 17th Judicial District, Magistrate
Jeanette Hensel, 17th Judicial District, Deputy Chief Probation Officer
Aaron Pataluna, Adams County Sheriff’s Office, Jail Population Commander
Michelle Ramos, City of Brighton, Municipal Court Administrator
Jess Redman, 17th Judicial District, Assistant District Attorney
Beth Torgersen, 17th Judicial District, Community Corrections Administrator
Sam Olsen, Adams County Manager's Office, Homelessness Liaison
Robert J. Sheetz, Adams County Human Services Department, Veteran Serivices Administrator
Susan Argo, Adams County Sheriff's Office, Support Services Manager

Meeting Schedule

This committee meets the second Tuesday of each month from 12:00-1:00pm.


To identify opportunities to strengthen and diversify alternative sanctions in all of the key points within the criminal justice system.

Current Projects

Colorado Pretrial Assessment Tool (CPAT) Review: Reviewing the current CPAT processes and educating partners on best practices. 

Delivering Opportunities and Opening Resources (DOOR): Evaluating current transportation and resources for persons involved in criminal justice system. This project team is exploring unique ways to address transportation and accessibility issues for services needed. 

Resource Mapping: Tasked with creating, marketing, and monitoring a GIS based resource map. 

Video Arraignment Scheduling Project: Project team assigned to map scheduling changes to the current bond advisement docket to allow for the most efficient and effective video arraignment process possible.

Future Goals

Finalizing Resource Mapping Project

  • Update GIS map, maintain accuracy of services through committee work, and continuous analysis for gaps in services available. 

Create County-Wide Training Program for The CPAT for Judges, Attorneys and Other Parties in Need

  • Offering credits for bar association training 

DOOR: Delivering Opportunities & Opening Resources

  • One of the biggest issues in Adams County for those involved in the criminal justice system is the ability to easily access court compliance requirements and other services needed. With such a vast and expansive county with an approximate total area of 1,184 square miles; transportation, location and cost to access to these services can serve as a roadblock for success.

  • A new project team formed in February, 2019 committed to trying to solve this issue.

Past Accomplishments

Evaluation and Implementation of The Colorado Pretrial Assessment Tool (CPAT):

  • Implemented the 17th Judicial District's first ever Pretrial Risk Assessment tool, based on best practices. 

Public Defender Representation at Bond Advisements

  • Worked closely with 17th Judicial District Leadership to provide public defender representation for first bond hearings. 

Create a Resource Mapping System for Criminal Justice Partners and End Users.

  • Using the structure of the Human Services GIS resource map this project team has identified more criminal justice related services to add to the map
  • Quality control project team has been identified to ensure accuracy of services and complete gap analysis. 
  • Implementation plan has been set

Create a Formal Strategic Plan

Study and Research Court Call Reminder Programs