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What is Advancing Adams?

Planning for the entirety of Adams County is a once-in-a-decade opportunity to envision how we will improve the quality of life for our residents. The vision needs to be comprehensive and innovative enough to address the defining challenges of our time, yet flexible enough to be adapted in the future.

Advancing Adams is the process of crafting the Comprehensive Plan; creating the Transportation Master Plan; and updating the Parks, Open Space, and Trails Plan. This integrated process of undertaking three plans at once allows for a coordinated future with streamlined implementation for the county. The approach will lead to a safer, resilient, more equitable, and more prosperous county by creating a legacy planning effort for future generations.

Advancing Adams started in August 2020 and will conclude in December 2021 with the adoption of the final three plan documents. This effort comes in two phases:

  • Phase I is an existing conditions analysis and five corridor study, (Federal Boulevard, Pecos Street, Washington Street, 104th Avenue, and 120th Avenue).
  • Phase II takes the findings from Phase I and with public input and projections, synthesizes the vision for our trio of long-range plans.

Phase 1 completes in late Winter/early Spring of 2021. Phase II begins in Spring 2021 and continues through 2021. Public involvement will occur throughout both phases of the project.

We want to reflect the voices of the thousands who live, work, and recreate in Adams County in these plans and hope to hear from you about your hopes, concerns, and dreams for the future. Over the next few months, we have various online engagement opportunities planned for our residents – including youth.