Adams County Volunteer Force

Partnering with Local Volunteer Organizations to Enhance the Quality of Life for Adams County and Its Citizen

/sites/default/files/Heart%20at%20Work.jpgThe Adams County Volunteer Force is a program that allows Adams County employees to dedicate a portion of their work day to volunteering with community organizations. Our mission is to give back to the Adams County community, promote social responsibility, and build partnerships with volunteer organizations.

Organizations wishing to benefit from the county volunteer program must submit a request form. Click here to download the volunteer organization form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does our organization need to be a registered 501(c)(3)?
No. All that is required is that your organization articulate how it serves and benefits the citizens of Adams County or its community. Political organizations are not eligible for this program.

How will I know if people have signed up to volunteer for our project?
If you have a project for a specific day, the volunteer coordinator will work directly with you to determine your timelines and when you need notification of numbers and employees on your roster. If you have general volunteer opportunities, employees will sign up directly through your normal application process.

Do you need anything from us after an employee volunteers?
Yes! Pictures, forms, and feedback. Pictures speak a thousand words about our partnership with you and your work in the community. Please send pictures to . If you submitted a project to us, a final roster will be sent to you prior to project and you will need to sign of on this roster and return it, via email, to the Adams County volunteer coordinator. If you have general volunteer opportunities, our employees will arrive with a form that must be signed validating their participation. We value your feedback regarding your experience with Adams County and our employees. Once the project has been completed, a survey link will be emailed to you.

If we need background checks completed for our project, will the county complete those for our organization?
No. All employees receive a background check before being hired, however, you should continue to complete any background checks required, just as you would with a volunteer from the general public.

We require our own application to be completed. How will this get communicated to your employee?
Description of volunteer opportunities and links to applications for employees will be provided on this website. Click here to download the volunteer organization form.

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