55th Avenue Sidewalk Improvement Project

Project Overview

The 2019 Adams County Sidewalk Replacement Program has contracted with Noraa Concrete Construction Corp to remove and replace the sidewalk and make infrastructure improvements from Lincoln to Washington along 55th Avenue. This pedestrian improvement project also includes installing new sidewalks and gutters, making drainage improvements, and paving shoulder areas to meet current Americans with Disabilities (ADA) specifications.

The sidewalk and new ramps will be wider and sloped for easier access. In addition, new sidewalks and gutters will be added where none presently exist. Lane closures and reduced speeds will be in place and signs will be present to safely guide motorists through the construction zone. Periodic closures will be approved by Adams County.

Project Update

The 55th Avenue Improvement Project to install sidewalks and curb ramps and make roadway and drainage improvements is complete. The project began on Oct. 14 and was completed by Jan. 2, 2020. Sidewalks were installed where none existed, and new ramps were added at key intersections at Pearl, Pennsylvania, Logan, Lincoln and Washington. The project was designed to make infrastructure, right of way and accessibility upgrades for local businesses, and to meet current ADA compliance guidelines.


55th Ave Project
55th Ave Project
55th AVe Project
East view of finished sidewalk and striping.
New sidewalk and striping at Lincoln on 55th Avenue
East view of finished sidewalk on 55th Avenue.
55th Ave Project 55th Ave Project 55th Ave Project
New striping and sidewalk on 55th Avenue at Washington.
Closeup of new curb ramps that meet ADA guidelines. New curb ramp at Lincoln and 55th Avenue.

Contact Information

Email: publicinformation@comcast.net
Noraa Concrete Construction Corp: 303.637.9233
Adams County: Long Nguyen 720.523.6808 or Brandon Hieronymus 720.523.6871