Youth Program Vendor Application

Program Elements / Services

Are you interested in becoming a vendor and serving the youth of Adams County?

The Adams County Youth Council must ensure that all ten program elements are available to all youth in the local area. Current and potential vendors must provide at least one of the following elements in order to be an approved service provider through the Workforce and Business Center:

  1. Adult Mentoring
  2. Alternative schools services (diploma or GED)
  3. Follow-up services
  4. Guidance and counseling for alcohol, drugs, mental health, other
  5. Leadership development
  6. Paid and unpaid work experiences, including internships and job shadowing
  7. Summer Employment opportunities
  8. Supportive services
  9. Tutoring and study skills training
  10. Work-related skills training

Service Appropriateness

When choosing service providers, several factors will be used to determine service appropriateness, such as being universally accessible, geographic distance between the provider and the youth, accessibility of the service to disabled youth, previous success / outcomes, technical resources, community partnerships, in-kind contributions, etc. Potential vendors will be made aware of the terms and conditions that apply to WIA funds, and additional rules and regulations. Goals, objectives and outcomes will be identified for each customer. Memorandums of understanding or other agreements will be utilized between the Workforce and Business Center and the providers.

Youth Program Vendor Application

If you and your organization would like to provide services to the youth of Adams County through the Workforce and Business Center complete and submit a Youth Program Vendor Application.