Specialized Mobile Machinery (SMM)


Special mobile machinery (SMM) vehicles are of a design commonly used in the construction business. These vehicles, self-propelled or otherwise, are not designed to transport persons or cargo over the public highways. Motor vehicles that have been redesigned or modified with the attachment of special equipment or machinery (over 500 pounds) that becomes an essential part of the operation for which the vehicle was intended are classified as special mobile machinery.

Registration Requirements

To register an SMM vehicle please provide a bill of sale showing the year, make, vehicle identification number (VIN).  If the bill of sale is a copy of the previous owner's registration, please provide an invoice. Proof you have paid sales tax on the unit is required also or sales tax will be collected on the purchase price of the unit.

If the equipment is titled machinery (truck or trailer mounted) you will also need to show a Verification of Vehicle Identification Number Form (DR2698) and a Statement of Fact Form stating that the unit has its own wheels and axle and is designed to be towed or driven down the highway at a normal rate of speed (this type of equipment, in most cases, will be issued an SMM plate). Equipment that is track type (not rubber tired) is not issued a title and is issued an SMM tab.

Contact Us

For additional information about SMM vehicles, please contact the Adams County Division of Motor Vehicles (Brighton location) at 720.523.6010.