Open Space

The Open Space Sales Tax was approved by Adams County voters in 1999.  The sales tax is 1/4 of one percent, or 25 cents on every $100 purchase, and is authorized through 2026.  Proceeds from the sales tax benefit parks, recreation and open space projects countywide.  Funds are distributed in three ways:

  • 68% is awarded through a competitive grant program
  • 30% is distributed back to the jurisdiction where the tax was generated
  • 2% is allocated to administration costs

The program includes a provision for a citizen board, appointed by the Adams County Board of Commissioners, to review and recommend projects for funding. A seven-member board, representing all geographical areas of the county, reviews all grant applications and recommends funding allocations to the Board of County Commissioners.

Want to know where open space tax dollars have been invested? Check out this helpful story map to see some open space sales tax highlights.