Long Range Strategic Planning


The Long Range Strategic Planning Department assists the county in making deliberate and disciplined approaches to producing fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide the direction of Adams County through informed decision-making that will protect and enhance the physical, social, economic, and environmental integrity of the county. 

  • In support of this mission the Long Range Strategic Planning Department shall provide efficient and effective service to the general public through the continuing utilization and active pursuit of the most effective information and problem-solving techniques available to assist county government in its mission.
  • To these ends, the department will remain abreast of numerous rapidly advancing fields of expertise, maintain a continuous grasp of local and regional trends, development and issues; and utilize this information in the maintenance and modification of the county’s comprehensive plan, local-area plans in order to reinforce these plans and government decisions.
  • Enhance the resource base for decision-making that maximizes informed and efficient decisions through the development of functional, immediately responsive and broadly accessible information to enhance facilitation of programs, capital and improvements planning in a collaborative manner.


The Long Range Strategic Planning Department, under the direction of the Board of County Commissioners and county manager, assists the county in making deliberate disciplined approaches to producing fundamental decisions and actions that shape and guide the direction of Adams County by:

  • Strategic thinking, acting, and learning to promote systematic information gathering about the county’s internal and external environment, development and growth trends and adopt strategies to effectively manage the county resources and plan implementations.
  • Gather, analyze and synthesize information in considering the county’s strategic significance and frame possible choices.
  • Planning and recommending strategies that enhance the county’s effectiveness, responsiveness, and resilience and place in the local and regional economy.
  • Advising and recommending new and creative approaches to strategic issues identification and collaboration among inter-governmental agencies and departments.
  • Leading the county’s project implementation and evaluations, and strategic approaches for developing strategies for the county’s strategic initiatives.
  • Coordinating Front Range and Spaceport Planning Strategies.
  • Analyzing current growth and demand data to successfully address major challenges and opportunities.
  • Research and recommend cutting edge strategies for healthy and sustainable development of the county.
  • Analyzing and projecting socio-economic trends.
  • Coordinate city and special district strategies and collaborative implementation.
  • Coordination and implementation of Aerotropolis.
  • Facilitation of funding requests to ensure coordination and compliance with the county’s strategic long range plan, including but not limited to transportation, parks and open space, community development block grants and associated programs.
  • Representing the county at federal, state, and local Level concerning legislative proposals and on program planning and implementation.

Current Projects 

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