Lost & Found Animals

What to Do if You Have Lost or Found a Pet

If you have lost or found a pet the following suggestions may help you to reunite the pet with its family.

  • Check the websites of Pet Harbor, Fido Finder, Craigslist and other similar web-based outlets where people can post lost and found information.
    • Use Pet Harbor as the primary site to file a lost report; you will automatically be notified if a pet matching the description enters a selected shelter and this is a more reliable resource for you. You can also check multiple shelters / rescue sites from Pet Harbor.
  • Contact your local animal shelter.
  • Get the telephone number of other shelters in the area, especially if they are close to a jurisdiction border. Remember that we cannot adequately identify a specific animal based on markings - only by tags or microchip. The best bet is to go to the shelter to check for yourself.
  • Put up posters in your neighborhood (we suggest posters be displayed in a 3-mile radius of where the pet went missing)â—¦One in three pets are returned from greater than 10 miles from where they were lost; the larger the radius of where you post your missing pet poster, the more likely you are to find your pet.
  • Tell friends and neighbors about the lost pet.

The Lost & Found Process

Adams County Animal Shelter holds a stray animal for five working days to give the owner time to find their pet. On the seventh day, the animal will be available for adoption if it is not ill. If you find a lost animal you should not keep it but contact your local animal control agency. The dog or cat will be brought to the shelter for the stray wait-period.

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