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Stormwater Utility
A Stormwater Utility is a mechanism to fund the cost of services directly related to the implementation of the Stormwater Quality Management Program.

Adams County adopted a Stormwater Utility Fee to implement the Stormwater Quality Management program in unincorporated Adams County, west of Schumaker Road. The Stormwater Utility Fee will also finance the design, installation and maintanence of stormwater management systems in unincorporated Adams County west of Schumaker Road. 

The Stormwater Utility fee will be charged to all property owners in unincorporated Adams County west of Shumaker Road.

How is your fee determined?

The stormwater utility cap fees will remain in place for the 2014 fiscal year. 

Step 1: We measured the square footage of impervious surface and then multiplied it by the rate (0.02004).  This gave us the annual assessed fee.
Step 2: We then compared the annual assessed fee with the cap annual fee for your account type.
Step 3: The amount you pay is the lesser of the two.

These cap fees were determined by calculating the average fee per property classification type as determined by the Assessor's Office.  The stormwater utility account type cap fees are listed below.

If you would like to view an aerial photo of your property, please use our online interactive GIS portal: click here

If you have questions or wish to offer direct comments regarding the Stormwater Utility, please contact the Adams County Stormwater Quality Office at 720.523.6400 or email