All motor vehicle offices in Colorado will be closed Aug. 1-3 for the launch of a new statewide computer system. Please plan ahead!


Motor Vehicle ClosureDMV Closure for Software Upgrade

Great news! Your Adams County DMV--and all Motor Vehicle offices statewide--are making improvements this summer! This August, we're getting a much-needed upgrade and transitioning from an outdated software to a new, innovative software system. 

What does this mean for you?

To ensure the transition goes smoothly and to complete employee training, MV offices will be closed Wednesday, August 1, through Friday, August 3. We will reopen on Monday, August 6, but wait times will likely be at their highest on this day and throughout this week, so please plan accordingly.

To avoid the longest wait times, it's best to renew either before July 27 or after August 15. Traditionally, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays offer the shortest wait times.

We do offer plenty of ways you can renew without visiting the office, and these options will be available while our offices are closed.

Renewal Kiosks
We're all about making your life easier!

Quick and easy renewals are available to Adams County citizens at more than 27 kiosks across the front range.

You can see all the kiosk locations, here.


Gov2Go Smartphone App
Time to renew? Now you'll have an app for that!

  1. Download Gov2Go
  2. Set up your profile
  3. Get a reminder notification
  4. Renew your tags through the app
  5. Receive your tags in the mail


Renew Online
If you have a valid email address, debit card and/or checking account, your license plate number, current insurance, and current emissions test (if applicable), that's all you need to renew your plates online!

Visit to complete your renewal in minutes!


Renew by Phone
You can complete your renewal with us over the phone! During the closure, this process will require the same items as an online renewal: a valid email address, debit and/or checking account, your license plate number, current insurance, and a current emissions test (if applicable).

Simply call (720) 523-6010.


*To use the services above during the closure, it's best to make sure any necessary emissions tests and proof-of-insurance paperwork are complete at least two business days prior to trying to renew.