Divisions of the Regional Affairs Department

Neighborhood Liaison Division

The Department of Regional Affairs Neighborhood Liaison helps neighborhoods, residents, and Registered Neighborhood Organizations communicate with the county regarding issues of concern, problem solving, and local and county-wide events. The Neighborhood Liaison allows for two-way communication to improve services and deal with problems and performs professional community liaison work to develop, implement, and provide developmental and organizational support and training to neighborhood associations, interfacing with county departments, as well as with local organizations. The Neighborhood Liaison assists other county departments and offices as appropriate in the preparation of work programs, planning maps, and other documentation for specific neighborhood projects.

The Neighborhood Liaison handles:

  • Board of County Commissioners town halls
  • History of Adams County and neighborhoods
  • Neighborhood groups

Homelessness Outreach Liaison Division

The Homelessness Outreach Liaison is responsible for assisting in the coordination, creation, implementation, and oversight of services and programs for citizens dealing with homelessness. This position is responsible for developing effective strategies to address housing and homelessness solutions and utilizing resources available at the county, state, and federal levels. This position serves as a central contact point within the county for requests of information about housing and homeless issues and is well-versed in national, state, and local best practices for addressing the challenges faced by people that experience homelessness. This position develops and maintains collaborative relationships and partnerships with public and private agencies, advocates, and local officials to increase awareness of the issue and to create solutions to reduce homelessness.

The Homelessness Outreach Coordinator handles:

  • Attainable housing
  • Homelessness Coordination¬†
  • Housing and Workforce Programs

Legislative and Regional Affairs Administrator

The Legislative and Regional Affairs Administrator manages the Neighborhood Liaison and the Homelessness Outreach Liaison divisions of the Department of Regional Affairs. This position assists the Director of Regional Affairs with project management of special projects such as, but not limited to, Aerotropolis, the Adams County Foundation 501(c)3, and other projects that have wide application on county services and programs. The Legislative and Regional Affairs Administrator establishes and maintains relationships through interactions and communications with legislative bodies and regulatory agencies to promote the public policy goals directly related to laws under which the organization operates, solicits, or prepares and proposes legislation and regulatory changes; identifies affected interests; manages outside counsel, consultants, or lobbyists to implement strategies or initiatives; and tracks and researches newly introduced laws and regulations describing potential impact.

The Legislative and Regional Affairs Administrator handles:

  • Aerotropolis
  • Legislative and Regulatory Services
  • Regional Projects
  • Coordination with Office of the National Western Stockshow
  • Coordination with North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative
  • Coordination with Denver International Airport Noise Study
  • Coordination with Front Range Airport and Spaceport