Appeal Process & Abatement

Assessor Level Real Property Appeals

Appeals for real property value or its classification are held May 1st thru June 1st. During this time you may appeal your value by mail, email, fax, or in person. (Should these dates fall on Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, it shall be deemed to have been timely filed on the next business day.)

Real property is reappraised by the Assessor’s Office every odd numbered year. The value determined by the Assessor for the year of reappraisal is generally used for the intervening year also.  The actual value of real property is based on its value as of the appraisal date, which is June 30 of the year prior to the reappraisal year.

The value of residential property is based on the market approach to value. Generally, the value of all other property is based on consideration of the market, cost, and income approaches to value.

The appraisal data used to establish value is from the 18-month period ending June 30 of the year prior to the reappraisal year. If you purchased your property, or if you had an appraisal done after June 30 of the year prior to the reappraisal year, we cannot consider it in our review for the reappraisal year. We review appeals for the valuation of the property only, not the amount of taxes you pay.

Appeals Calendar



For the first time this year, we are offering an online appeal option. Online protests will be accepted during the official appeal period (May 1st through June 1st).

To preserve your right, your online protest must be time-stamped before midnight on that last date. A Comparable Search is available through the online Appeal link.

Please visit our Assessor’s NOV/Online Appeal page (starting May 1). Enter your account number (located in the upper left-hand area of the NOV postcard) to access your property records as the Assessor has them listed.


If you choose to mail a written protest, you may elect to complete the protest form located on the Notice of Valuation card. To preserve the right to protest, the real property protest must be postmarked not later than June 1. If June 1 falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the protest is deemed to have been timely if postmarked on the next business day. If you don’t have a Notice of Value, an appeal form may be accessed by clicking one of the links below:

Address: 4430 S. Adams County Pkwy. Suite C2100, Brighton CO 80601

Fax /Email

A written protest may also be faxed or emailed to our office. Use the protest form located on your Notice of Valuation card, complete, sign and fax to 720.523.6037. To preserve your right to protest, your faxed protest must be received in our office no later than midnight on June 1. If you are faxing your protest on June 1, be sure to allow enough time in the event that others are also faxing their protests at the last minute. We will not accept any protest time-stamped after midnight on that date.  If you don’t have a Notice of Value, an appeal form may be accessed from any of the links above.

Fax: 720.523.6037

In Person

If you wish to protest in person, present to the Assessor's Office your estimate of property value as of June 30 of the year prior to the reappraisal year, and a copy of any documentation that you believe supports a change in the classification and/or valuation of your property.
You must appear in the office no later than June 1st.

Please note, we cannot accept telephone appeals, all appeals must be in writing or in person.

If you are appealing property value but are not the owner of record, proof of agency is required. Please provide this form (fill out the Agent Authorization portion of it) with any appeal documentation.

Real Property Appeal Form - Residential Agent

If you file after the June 1st deadline, your right to appeal is lost.

Please call 720.523.6038 for any questions regarding the appeals process.

Abatement Information

The abatement process is used to correct taxes that have been levied erroneously or illegally due to erroneous valuation for assessment, irregularity in levying, clerical error, or overvaluation,
§ 39-10-114(1)(a)(I)(A), C.R.S.

Abatement petitions may be filed within two years of the date the taxes were levied (January 1st), 39-10-114(1)(a)(I)(A) C.R.S. provided that:

  • The property valuation had not been previously protested.
  • The person filing for abatement was the owner of record for that year(s)

A taxpayer has until the first working day of the January, following the two year deadline, to file the petition.

The Assessor’s Office will review the submitted abatement petition and will recommend approval or denial to the Commissioners. The Commissioners may authorize the Assessor to approve petitions for abatement or refund for $10,000 or less in taxes, per schedule, per year, provided the petitioner and the assessor mutually agree to an adjustment.

This appeal process is similar to a protest filed during May, but can take many months to complete.

You may also contact the Assessor's Office for more information or questions concerning the abatement procedure at 720.523.6038.

Instructions for Filing a Petition for Abatement or Refund of Taxes
Petition for Abatement or Refund of Taxes 1-year 
Petition for Abatement or Refund of Taxes 2-year